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  1. [video=youtube_share;ebS6cYNxals]http://youtu.be/ebS6cYNxals
  2. Think this tow truck driver needs a little bit more training or a rear view mirror http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=015_1374998063
  3. Actual Lift :- [video=youtube_share;2xXCP7t-N74] Sorry about the shaky video, awful wind noise and lack of HD. Apart from that, nice video :-D
  4. Finally have something to add. This was at the Laughton Spring Cuckoo Fayre steam and vintage vehicle show. One of the classic tractor owners decided to take his exhibit for a spin around the lake and found the gap between the Indians (Native Americans) tents and the pond edge a bit too tight :-D While watching the recovery, we've never been surrounded by so many experts offering their views that the crane had no chance of lifting it. Attaching the lifting straps :- [video=youtube_share;Bzfpgit2CpY]
  5. Ferret Mk 2/4 TA S4 40 in green at East Grinstead, West Sussex, Esso petrol station - looking very nice and clean.
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