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fox ownership


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Hi the oppitunity of buying a fox has recently been waved under my nose and i have a few questions how do the foxs compare to the ferret in driving, reliability, and ease of maintainance ?

And there have been alot of people on occasion in hearing distance at shows who dont like foxes are they prone to rolling over and do they eat gearboxes ? and what is the fuel consuption as compared to the ferret, and is the jaguar j60 a fragile engine compared to b60 and is it preselect gearbox as well ? if i have upset current fox owners i do apologise i have never seen a fox run let alone been inside one its a vehicle that i know nothing about but they do interest me greatly so i dont know whether i have my head full of negitive rumours and jaundiced opinions or are they fact ?


I would be very grateful for any info about these vehicles from a potential buying point of view also what do i look out for when viewing and test driving a fox ?




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Re fuel consumtion:

I remember doing a rough comparison on excercise in the TA unit I was in in the 70s-early 80s, and seem to recall the Ferret doing about 4mpg and the Fox doing 14mpg.

That was a typical (for us, anyway!) half hour flat-out blast, then 2 - 3 hrs hanging about with the engines idling, or the Fox running the BV for a brew/meal. Don't forget they both had 2 radio sets drawing current all the time.

In 'Civvie' use, on 'sensible journeys' (!) with no radio sets, no prolonged idling, both vehicles would manage far better than the figures I gave.

Hope this helps



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