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  1. Thank you both, Richard and John, I will start looking for those books. 'Chas.'
  2. What a response, thanks everyone. I was in The Royal Yeomanry from before Fox was introduced. I went on a D + M Instructors course on Fox at Bovvy, hence my interest. Wasn't there a difference in the turrets between Fox and Scimitar, requiring a 'spacer' when Sabre was made? How then, where they able to mount a Scorpion turret on a Fox? Intriguing. Please do post a list of the VRNs of the survivors. I see there is one in a Polish museum, but couldn't see a number on it. I believe Ricardo was it? were involved in trialling a diesel conversion for possible use by the
  3. According to these lists, there were 347 CVR(W) Fox registrations. My, limited, research can only find the British Army admitting to ever having 200 In service. I see that a small (?) number were sold abroad - was it Policy to give these vehicles a British ARN, does anyone know? Does anyone know how many Foxes survive? I reckon 20+ I Don't do Facetube, but I understand there is a Fox group on there - I may have to ask a relative to have a look. Regards, 'Chas.'
  4. Not arguing with any of the above, but you MAY find that the Abbot is already registered - a lot of them were, in the 'early years' when they were first disposed of.
  5. www.cobbatoncombat.co.uk - You had better check their opening dates, Might be 'Summer' only 'Chas.'
  6. Impressed with German wartime Engineering - the front wheels turned after 70 years submerged! I know peat bogwater is very low in oxygen, hence little or no rust, but the hub seals certainly did their job! Call me a sceptic tho, but one of the stills on the second link - ' Tomasz . . . . ' showing the tyre, "Continental, Made in Germany" . . . .would a wartime German tyre have "Made in Germany" written on it in English ? Just wondering :-) 'Chas.'
  7. cpltomo, As I remember it, with the Rarden you ended your lay in elevation because of the weight of the boresight. When lobbing them downrange, didn't we end our lay in depression? Anyway, enough of little toys, back to 120mm stuff. Carry on! 'Chas.'
  8. More of a personal 'I want one' but what about one of those 8 (or 10 is it?) wheeled Russian 'Transporter - Launcher' beasts, with an ICBM on? I'm afraid I don't know the Nato reporting name, there's a Youtube video of one 'Crash loading' on to a transporter that isn't really long enough. I can just imagine the 'impact' of one of those turning up in an arena, charging around for a while then stopping and going into 'launch mode' - Sorry, time for my meds. . . . . . . . . . . :blush: 'Chas.'
  9. Aha! With those Gennies, and that frame on the roof, it looks to me like a 439 Radio Relay. I don't know about the kit inside, mind. I have a 439 (Single Access Switch) Message centre - It has the same two 3kVa gennies on the roof in the 'Armoured box' but it doesn't have that tube frame that yours has. (I think Only the 439 SAS MC has the large (Twice as long) NBC filter box on the right side . Have FUN with your new toy :-) 'Chas.'
  10. I agree about the NBC 'box' . I noticed the '18' Bridge Classification, though. What did the 436 weigh? 'Chas.'
  11. Lube? Have you oiled it before use every time? Pneumatic kit appreciates a bit of oil regularly 'Chas.'
  12. Erm, Yes, Hearty congrats, Old Chap. Well done and all that. The thing is, those of us who don't Want to join 'FaceTube' :-) can't see any piccies. So the sandy Ferret and his mates are just in my imagination, as t'were. I'm sure you understand, now you've got the facts. 'Chas.'
  13. Andy, Different generation engine, I know, but a very recent post on here for a CVR(T) strongly suggested blocked idle jet(s)/ ports in the carb. Symptoms are strikingly similar. My 4pfs worth, before a 'grown - up comes along 'Chas.'
  14. Sorry, no idea on fuel tank removal, but my filter had a coating of 'jerry-can lining paint' - I rigged up an airline fitting gradually increased the pressure, and blew the paint off from the inside, Gently rubbing the outside of the filter. Not 100% clean, but 75+% I would say. It worked for me, anyway :-) 'Chas.'
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