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  1. Diesel cvrts that's more like it ! What do withams have planned for em direct sales or auction ? Are they going to be sold off at astronomicaly high prices or realistic ones, And are we going to see anymore with these perkins or cummins lumps in ? Any info anyone ? If they are in good nick and reasonably priced im up for one been waiting ages for a diesel cvrt :-)
  2. Yes it is a sankey mk3 narrow track trailer with an modified tail gate you can tell because it dosent have a jockey wheel at the front and it should have adjustable leg supports that fold upwards at the rear of the trailer and one at the front and in my view narrow tracks are overall better made than widetracks ! so well done for getting one ! The best thing you can do if there are layers of paint over the id plate then use stanley blade to gently scrape off the paint but very gently do this cant remember if the some info is stamped and some painted if the info is all stamped then use a dab
  3. Can i please ask a question to all on here how does one aquire a stridwagen 104 from sweden ? its just ive really fallen in love with it and well wish to preserve one to full running condition Anyone know what shipping cost would be ? Cheers
  4. I wonder if we ll see the hop farm up for sale, The way they are going it wont be long give it until the end of 2013 /2014 Question is would there be Anytakers ?????
  5. Yes i was thinking that but they seem to be able to update them fairly easierly to modern standards bearing in mind the vehicles are probably 30/40 years old and they seem to have replaced the engines with other packs Possibly cummins ? And has anyone noticed what looks like the cvrt hybrids ? Sorry that there arent subtiles in english btw !
  6. Hi john sorry that i i didnt get back to you ! been rather busy flying about parts of the uk house hunting in order to gain a house with acreage and twinned with the amount of work ive done on my vehicles for months it quite simply slipped my mind i do apologise if you have it still in stock then pm me with details again cheers
  7. Well i have been reading your posts so far with great interest and thank you for them ! I think possibly the best thing to do is as some of you have suggested hoarding fv430 parts for the time being at least until withams eventually open the flood gates of fv430 spares which i hope will be in the not too distant future , So for the time being its advertise in wanted sections and pester indviduals in dealers yard and at shows for fv430 bits and see what i can amass together , Maybe its a good thing i cant afford a chinook or a mil 8 otherwise no dealers yard would be safe :nut:
  8. Hi thought id ask all you british post war tracked armour owners out there is it me or is there a fv432 parts drought packs seem to getting very few in numbers including all related spares stop soloniodes,etc. CES is getting non existant tow ropes and boiling vessel carriers etc So far its the case of you ring someone up and ask have you got so and so for fv432 then it decends into the cheese shop episode from monty python Are these parts simply being stock piled as their drying up by mercenary characters , Or are they simply being weighed in, The same happened to abbot spares one minute the
  9. Hi thought id post a warning to you all ! If your thinking of buying a land rover from tender sales as i have recently bought a 90 from withams and when i went to give it an overhaul found this rather strange substance in the fuel tank which smells like linseed oil and not diesel so i think this is the possible cause why my injector pump has gone as this stuff doesnt have the same lubricating quality as diesel the two cases seem to be interlinked, So i thought that i better let you all know that when looking at a tender sales vehicles in this case land rovers give the land rover fuel t
  10. Hi all just starting a 1/35 model of a churchill crocadille and im wondering what happen to them and why arent there any on our military vehicle circuit did they all end up as range targets or cut up ! it remains one of my favorite ww2 british tanks, finding a comet or the crocadille would spur me on to sell everything i had in the way of post war vehicles just so i could restore one of these vehicles but im hoping there is a crocadille out there that will surface one day and another question what would a crocadille project cost out of interest ? and can you get the parts ? Any idea
  11. Hi the smoke dischargers that your after for your fox turret fv432 are the same as cvrt ones thats what i put on my fv432 with a fox turret if you need any other info dont hesitate to pm me ! cheers
  12. AHHHHH Now thats very beautiful tank ! id love to own one of these one day, Are there anymore in finland ? :nut:
  13. Thanks lewis The last time i saw a fv432 in berlin camo with a gpmg turret fitted was in 1994 at duxford whilst my vehicle is a genuine berliner im wondering if they did actually have them with these turrets out there or did they just have the rarden fv432 to serve in the same role as infantry support instead of . im trying to keep the vehicle as accurate as possible but i just thought as ive got this turret kicking about why not finish it off properly .
  14. Excellent ! nice to see someone on the case already . And nice choice of tank btw Israel is probably very much overdue for a clear out of its afvs its been nicking everone elses for years !
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