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Theiving scum at Maiden Newton at War


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This poor woman's flag was stolen from the front of her house sometime Saturday night, it was a family heirloom, she is understandably very upset.


Did you see anything or have any info that might point to the low life culprits?


Stupidly I didn't ask what type of flag it was.




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I agree, low-life indeed. Wonder if they are related to the one who stole a Charity tin from Simon Weston last year at Weymouth?


On a related note, the Nursing Home my Mother is now in (Lord Harris Court, Sindlesham, Berks) has a need for a Union Jack of that size to fly from their flag pole. If anyone has one they could donate they would be very grateful. Please use me as the contact.

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I bet it was to do with the football. A visit to local pubs when England are playing may show up the offender! Theiving scum ba*****s


Funny you should say that. If the woowoos or whatever are 'part of South African Football heritage'. Does that mean if Britian gets the next one, Racist chants, drunken louts, mindles vandilisim and fighting on the teeraces? After all that seems to be English Football culture.

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Back in 1977 when the Jubilee festivities were taking place, my father thought it would be appropriate to fly two family heirloom flags from his cottage (near Alton, Hants). Sad to say they were both stolen on the first night.


Both were ex-RN. One was a Union flag and the other a Red Ensign (not sure why the RN had a red ensign, but I am assured that it was ex-RN) and were the size of the one stolen at the weekend. We never did find out what heppened to them.


There are indeed some people amongst us who really have forfeited the right to be treated as civilised.

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