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Hello I'm Julianne from South Australia

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Hi everyone I just found this site the other day and thought is was very interesting, so I joined up. We have a Federal 606 heavy wrecker that we are restoring, and also blitzs and a jeep.

The Federal wrecker is powered by a Hercules Engine (petrol) and has a Garwood crane on the back, all operational. We are missing the inertia starter from the front as it was taken before we acquired the truck. If anyone can tell us where to find one that would be great. Looking forward to looking further at this great site.

Cheers julianne

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Hello, you will find this lot very welcoming.


I don't know anyone with spares for this truck, especially in your area, but can I suggest you also get on board the Maple Leaf Up Forum, as there are many members of that in the ANZAC area, and someone there may be able to point you at a source.



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A Federal 606 - ace. Got any pics. Welcome, Richard


Thanks for the welcome everyone, when I work out how to put pics on here I will show you all what we have got.

Hopefully soon!!

Thanks again Julianne


Added the pics now and photos 1,3 and 5 are in the hills where the truck was before we got it and then pics 2 and 4 are home and restoration has begun, civilian tray has been taken off because it doesn't belong to it and the engine has been rebuilt, radiator has been fixed..no leaks now, suspension and diffs all new bearings etc.

on the hillside1998.jpg

federal rhs 2.jpg

ready to leave 2001.jpg

federal lhs.jpg

the radiator and name 1998.jpg

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