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Dogs and MVs


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Do you own a Dog as well as an MV? If so, here's you chance to show both at once. Take a photo of your MV with your faithful Hound at a show this year and add it to the thread.

I will start with a photo of my Dog "Monty", a Jack Russell, in my Ford WOT2 truck in November last year when I drove the truck to my Mother's nursing home for a Wartime day. Photo of him at Beltring in the WOA2 to follow.



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In 1978 as we prepared for Ex Summer Sales, BFG's annual formation CPX, the RSM Big Lou decided that since his driver was away on a course, I should drive him. Fair enough. Now as a battlegroup HQ, we were at the bottom of the stack and all our radio traffic was upwards to Division (we were a divisional asset and tended not to talk to task forces).


Summer Sales, in a sweltering July, was always easy for BGHQ and we enjoyed being in a comfortable village location with pubs.


RSM decided he wanted to bring his springer spaniel, Wotan on exercise. Trooper Alien was less that happy and made it clear that if that bliddy dog messed the inside of my Ferret, RSM would be getting dog stew for his dinner.


We arrived at something approaching 15/19H BGHQ GDP location and I jumped out to sort the wagon. The Mark 1 Ferret was heavily modified with large stowage boxes and bins wherever we could fit them. I walked around the spare wheel side and saw a trail of what looked like vomit blown in the slipstream down the side of the large ammo box bin mounted above it and went off on one. Big Lou was taken aback: Wotan had been a good boy on the journey down. (To me, Wotan not humping your leg was being a good boy.)


He opened the ammo box where we found he had stored a pound or more of fresh butter which had melted in the oven-like heat inside the box with the sun beating down on it, and it had dripped out through drain holes.


Funny how the RSM still managed to blame me.

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