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A&E campsite & off road fields

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Folks just so you have a frame of reference of the campsite who are some pictures and you can work back from Google Maps..






If you get on Google maps and find the campsite and follow Drift Road - this is the track that will take you into Maiden Newton!


The off road course and fields that we can drive tanks and vehicle in and around is here



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Nice maps Jack.

I've read this before but can't find it now.... jamac is asking about camping washing / toilet availability and fresh water for making the little ones bottles etc... in a simple bullet point list what fascilities are going to be available in the field....


PS. My Dad is coming down from the Friday as Mom passed away suddenly last week and he has no reason to stay at home until the Sunday now :-\ Anyway that's enough on that unhappy subject! Should have the Disco full up, can't wait, just hope our little Angel takes to camping and doesn't keep us awake all night....ahhhh. I paid for three and subscribe to PF so I'm hoping I'll be covered:D

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