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When did your wife or partner admit defeat?


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  • 7 years later...

My wife hated everything to do with Land Rovers and military vehicles and had no sense of humour for impromptu stops while on journeys to look at things military, nor did she have a sense of humour when I bought my first Ferret as a done deal move. Funny when I told her that she had spent the money left to her by her Gran on what she wanted and I was reciprocating with my Dad's estate funds in the same manner she didn't smile.


I now live very peacefully with my new lady, in the country, on an island, in a new house surrounded by green lumpy bits and a garage that is still a work in process. I have promised myself to divorce the ex soon, maybe 2018 is the year for that.


We won't mention about the ex in the UK from the time before I moved to Canada.

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I'm not sure its ever been a conflict to win or lose in my case, My wife has been extremely supportive in fact she seems to be a bit of a petrol head anyway and loves cruising around in olive drab clad vehicles. It helps that she has expensive hobbies as well, Horses means first name terms with vets, shares in feed suppliers.... I actually think she'd look rather fetching in an ATS uniform (grrowl), it'd just need to come out of my pocket.


Her rules are simple, no vast piles of rusty crap, and the shed needs to be pretty, no colorbond monstrosities.


She's already named the Tilly, though its an easy sell, a dirty great truck might be harder.





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I forgot to insert that my lady Jan said the Land Rover 1 Tonne I drove at a parade she organised for a local event was "cute"...


Strangely, a lot of women call my Ferret cute. I guess it is, a little bit.




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