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  1. Thanks fellas, was thinking about a towing one over a mild 4x4 track, loaded with camping gear.
  2. Can a Saracen tow an army trailor? If so was it a special one?
  3. Alvis disease, spreads from the brain into the hip pocket! Terminal Iam afraid!
  4. Yeah Iam familiar with the RO-RO expense, and their overwidth excuse for more money :shocked:! $20,000 per vehicle it cost me to get the SKOT and MTLBu over from Europe. Would dearly love a Saladin to go with the Saracen. Iam keeping the SKOT and selling the MTLBu. Thanks to my business partner being an A hole, Iam disolving my tank business. :mad: Though to be honest I don't know the RO-RO cost from the UK to here, but anything that comes that way has to go through bleeding Melbourne and AQIS there are worse than the Gestapo! Petty and money grabbing!
  5. Now that is an interesting theory. Why a wreck? Could you not drain the oil etc and do it? Just asking as Iam a mechnical retard and don't know these things LOL.
  6. Quick question lads! Will a saladin fit in a 20ft container? They were made to be loaded into aircraft, so I was just wondering? Cheers Troy :cool2:
  7. Yes my thoughts exactly! No belly wheels on this one so they could have gone under there! No too lazy to do that even
  8. Try TARMOT, Polish compant....very trustworthy, can use paypal. Ask for Mario biuro@tarmot.ig.pl
  9. G'day Fellas Would anyone out there have a drivers manual; showing how to perform the basic greasing, track tightning etc on the 432. Next question, can you email it LOL. Cheers Troy
  10. Good place to be if you want Russian or Eastern Block gear and vehicles!
  11. We bought a fully restored vehicle from a "reputable" company in Poland. What we got is onl;y fit for the junk yard. Costing alot of Aussie dollars to fix as well as some ingenunity :-D Front brakes L/H side, because the fixing bolts had been broken, water got in..... bent and broken front drive shaft sand blasted and re sprayed interior :shocked: same...same Vehicle that was said to be shining inside and out! More soon gentlemen.......:yawn:
  12. Some more pics for you all! :cool2: The Gearbox has now been reconnected to it's drives and the sludge has been cleaned out of the oil basin.....enough grot to suggest that it has not been touched since 1968! The bottom of the SKOT before washing! We have been told that there is another SKOT in Australia! Bought from a chap in the UK, Aussie quarantine had a fit and charged the $26,500 + GST to clean it! Makes my 10,000 EURO seem cheap for two vehicles LOL! :wow:
  13. Three hours to get the armored top off the SKOT, and another 4 hours to remove all the stuff off the motor to pull it. None of the injectors were any good and worn out, $1000 Aussie dollars to get cleaned and replaced, decieded that the new motor was the only viable option as I don't know what else is lurking under there :nut:! Lots of nice surprises though, the hydraulic fluid was contaminated with water, so will have to clean the system out, the accelerator cable was only hanging on by one thread, god knows what would have happened if we hadn't found it. Should be an interesting and expensive couple of weeks coming up...
  14. The new motor, that is going into the SKOT within the next two weeks. It will sound alot better once it is in him!
  15. Thanks Mate Need all the help I can gert with the MTLBu, don't even know how much oil it takes :red:
  16. Make sure you do come down to Tassie mate, stay a couple days at my place! Just PM me when you are ready!
  17. OK Iam mad, but it just happens that I have a spare SKOT motor in the garage :nut: ! Now to test the new one and take out the old motor and clean the engine space and fix any broken lines and hydraulics, but anyway here are some pics of the new motor.......more soon.
  18. The new restored gear box and it's componets went into the SKOT today. But the god's were not smiling on me. I tried to start it and got nowhere, after bleeding and cleaning the fuel filter, that was putrid. I got the engine going, the mechanic had a look at the engine as it was noisy....and said that it was only working on three cylinders. After more work bleeding lines, that didn't improve anything, it was decieded that I will have to swap the engine out, luckily I have a spare SKOT engine. Will test the new engine out, take out the old one and clean and inspect the lines etc. More work! :n00b: More photos of the engine swapping out soon........:wow:
  19. Perhaps we are not praying hard enough to the Saracen Lords LOL!
  20. Any body know how the Russians marked their vehicles whilst in Bosnia?
  21. Want to make my Uaz's back end look a bit busier. What kind of radio would I be looking at for say the mid 90's?
  22. Did anyone get round to making that videdo on how to drive these beasties? I only know that you have to pump the GCP, just like the Fox's. From what Iam reading the Saracen is a different kettle of fish! Cheers Troy
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