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  1. Heres some photos I've found in my travels. Imperial war museum, so period colour photos, not re-coloured BW photos. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205188421 THE BRITISH ARMY IN NORTH AFRICA, JANUARY 1943. © IWM (TR 631) IWM Non Commercial License https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205123914 GUARDS ARMOURED TRAINING WING, PIRBRIGHT, SURREY, OCTOBER 1943. © IWM (TR 1407) IWM Non Commercial License Any guesses on the colour of the RAC helmet? I have a para helmet in the same washed out pea green, it doesn't look like KG 3. Mike Starmers books are well worth getting on the subject of British Camouflage schemes, His target audience is scale modellers but he is pretty thorough, and the colours He uses to make his blends are universally available. The book Tilly Colours by Mike Shackleton and Mike Starmer gives Tamiya colour mixes for many of the British camouflage colours, which you can potentially use to make a colour swatch. Cheers Chris
  2. Well if you have the metal parts this chap can re rubber them. http://www.oldera.com.au/
  3. a lot of these parts are common to the Morris 10M, it sounds like you have an early contract Tilly? You are going to struggle to source original Tilly parts as there are so few Morris Tillies left, either way good luck in your search and if we can give you any info let us know. Cheers Chris Collins
  4. It should be said that without the help of Andrew Bloxham, Mike Shackleton John Morter and the rest of the tilly register we wouldn't have the measurements and reference photos to replicate what we are missing. Cheers Chris
  5. A bit of additional grinding and a few more pieces welded to the block to prevent some distortion and the final result has produced something close to what we need. Attached Thumbnails
  6. Utilising the press block I used previously above to press up the radiator bracket I formed up some steel in a curve and notched out a groove in another block. I pre bent a piece of scrap to get the form started. Attached Thumbnails
  7. The second grill has been completed and now I am finishing off the front guards, which after a couple of repair patches and panel beating are in for sandblasting. What we don't have and Chris has been unable to source is any wing mirror mounts. They are just folded sheetmetal but the base curves to follow the guard profile and there is a small indentation that strengthens the fold. Attached Thumbnails
  8. The wire frame was then inserted inside the mesh and strand by strand each wire folded over, then cut back and curved over the frame with pliers. Another time consuming job but the end result very pleasing. We just need to get specs on the crank hole insert, make that and pop it in place. Attached Images
  9. Clamping the mesh over the template it was then trimmed and the wire ends individually folded over the edge at 90 degrees. A very slow process. The mesh then removed. Attached Images
  10. Radiator in and hoses connected. Time to finish the grills. I have rebuilt two grills but we did not have one decent wire mesh as both had been smashed around the crank handle hole. Chris sourced some stainless steel woven mesh very close in design to the original galvanised wire. We salvaged the wire frame surround and reshaped it back to where it should be as they were both badly twisted. That wire is only 2mm thick so impossible to work with. I needed a frame to work with so I cut a piece of scrap to the shape of the mesh and curved it as needed. Attached Images
  11. All done. The side tabs are where the bracket was soldered to the bottom radiator tank but as all of these had vibrated apart from the tank I thought there is no point in rejoining them as original. I will glue some rubber inside them instead. Attached Thumbnails
  12. The bends could not have worked better. Now just to trim down to size and weld in the mounting plates and bolts. Attached Thumbnails
  13. Nothing to do but have a go at making some new ones. Another job for my go to tool stock- scrap railway line. Forming the top hat section is simple enough. Attached Thumbnails
  14. It must be noted that the vast majority of this work is the skill and ingenuity of John (Jack) Neville, especially lately as non-essential movements are curtailed to stop the spread of Covid-19. when i get the chance i pop down to paint things, Jack is the driving force of this project, without which this project would've gone nowhere.
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