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New to the forum and need help please


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I don't see a location on your signature, and of course where you are will affect prices.


Jeeps? Well a lot of what you will be offered will be in poor condition, or have loads of Hotchkiss or reproduction parts - some people will try to sell you a Hotchkiss as a jeep, and jeep theft isn't that uncommon, so if you are going to look at a jeep you need someone with you that knows them thoroughly. I would expect any original WW2 jeep that can drive under its own power and is reasonably complete to be closing in on the £10,000 mark these days - sad but true. Other people may haggle but I've not seen a decent original sell for much less than that, certainly recently. Might be worth buying one in the US and importing it - less chance of Hotchkiss content.


(by the way - nothing at all wrong with the Hotchkiss - great option, as long as you know that is what it is. Don't expect a good Hotchkiss to be that much cheaper than a WW2 original)


Dodge WC ? well, varies with body type and condition. A 3/4 ton weapon carrier with no winch will be cheapest of the bunch - don't expect anything that will drive to be under £5000. Command Car, Radio or Carryall will be moving closer to twice that.


Add an original winch to any variant and put £500 to £1500 on the price (Tony won't like that but it's true... :angel:)


A good original Command or Carryall (my favourites, have had both) should now be at least £15,000, even in these economic circumstances.


Buying hints for Dodges? Don't buy one that isn't complete. You can buy a non-runner and fix it (most small mecahnical parts are available) but you will pay loads of money for large separate parts, especially things like Weapon Carrier rear bodies, Command Car hood frames, rear seats, tailgates, Carryall rear doors - stuff like that. You can get it all, you just won't like the price. As an example if you bought a Carryall for £6000 in good order but missing seats, liftgate, tailgate, battery box, and all the rear latches you could spend another £6000 on those bits. Expect to have more trouble finding the slightly rarer stuff for half ton WC trucks, compared with 3/4 ton.


Things to seek out actively? oddball stuff. If you get offered a nice Canadian Dodge, or a WC telephone truck, something like that, and the price is right - grab it.


Pick of MILWEB today?




half ton weapon carrier, wrong wheels (3/4 ton) wrong front bumper, but would fix and otherwise complete (ish) (no connection with seller - just an illustration)

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The winch is extra weight and hassle! We have this discussion, frequently and loudly. Best advice is read up ask questions here and look about. Unfortunatley there are an awful of frogs before the Prince. Jeeps really are silly money. Dodges are a more sensible sort of price. Good points, relable, easy to work on, nice to drive. Not that expensive to run for an MV. Bad points, the Dodge Drench, but you quickly l;earn to clear water of the canvas. Brakes can be fiddly but if set up properly by the manual fine. Engine is a delight. Wait till you are running down a straight Dutch country road at Midnight in the summer with full moon, nothing else on the road, just the sound of a T-214 in your ears. :nut:

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concerning the Unimog you're are looking for

And the fact that you are looking for one in Holland, I may assume that you're Dutch


You could check out the sale chapter an on the following site: http://www.unimog.nl/

Prices range from 850 Euro for a non-runner to 10.000 Euro for an runner

All depending on production year, state the vehicle is in and if it is cleared for roads


With cleared for roads I mean those it have an licence plate, so you can dirve on public roads

An lot of Unimog's have been used for farming, so it is an point to consider


Perhaps it will not be what you're looking for, however it will give you some idea of the price for a runner or non-runner



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