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Will WW2 Armour go the same way?


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Tanks aren't like cars but there is a limit to how much restoration can be done, for example in the late 1980s a Vickers medium Mk2 was pulled out of Ashdown forest where it emplaced as a strongpoint, of course it was intended to be "fully restored" but after a few years sitting around Bovington's yard it was reduced to a pile of rust.


There was a fairly recent discovery of a pre-war (1920s) Bugatti was found in the North East, but it was in the garage of an excentric retired doctor -went for a tidy sum.

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With the recent report that one of the ex Normandy DD tanks is up for sale if it starts to get really silly perhaps some-one might regard these as possiblities,


The Covenanter is one of 2 in North Nolfolk (second one just visible in background) and if they are still there there are two more near the Detention centre in Lincolnshire (across the wash) and a turretless comet too.


The Universal is on an island in Eastern Canada and is probably well rotted.

covenanter hull.JPG

Universal in Canada.jpg

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That is a heck of a pile of notes for a rusty shadow,

but Bugattis always seem to get the car nuts foaming at the wallet...

I think the undiscovered 'Bug' is the vintage sports equivalent of the 'dug up Tiger' :nut:


The fact with a Bugatti is that there is no part of a Bugatti that cannot be made now. In theory you may make a new Bugatti for even a reasonable price. Therefore, even a pile of rust, provided she brings with her a History and an identity, has a value, because a new legitimate Bugatti can rise from those ashes.... ;-)



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The fact with a Bugatti is that there is no part of a Bugatti that cannot be made now


That also holds true for many of the fabricated tanks, so long as you have the cast parts, the rest it a matter of skillfull fabrication.

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I recall recently reading/hearing that a BEF Tank dug up off a beach near to Calais in the mid 1970s by the fella that owns/owned the Batterie Todt Museum has now been scrapped...Apparently it'd finally completely fell apart over the years awaiting 'rebuilding'... . sad but.... it was in an awful state when first recovered so expectable I guess... ....the little carrier above though???....I've seen a lot worse wrecks on here that have been rebuilt .. ..isn't there a fella on here at the moment putting a carrier together out of 2 absolute piles of knackered shot up scrap he got from a Dutch Range??????? .fair play to dedication I say .....and a very fat wallet

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Unfortunatley anything recovered form salt water is a lost cause,it never stops corroding.

Even after sandblasting etc it still corrodes.

If you visit the salvage museum in Normandy bits fall off the tanks as you walk around them !




Agreed - look at the problems the RN Submarine Museum had with Holland 1. I remember going round her when she was originally displayed in the open air before they realised that residual corrosion in the hull was delaminating her like an onion. After remedial treatment she's now indoors in a climate-controlled environment.



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