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ward Lafrance (in France)


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Here are many pictures of the restoration of the wrecker.It arrived in may 2008

the truck is in good condition, it is a good basis for restoration because it almost complete.

The mechanics, however, is a complete overhaul. We decided to restore fully the best we can do.

The engine is stuck, we move the ward with a GMC. It's convenient

You can see the team , me on the right, my brother on the left







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That does look very complete and a better basis for restoration than mine. Even all the tools boxes seem to be in place.

Only things I can see missing are the siren light and the search light. Both highly expensive unfortunately.


Looking forward to more photo's as you progress. Always good for reference to see what's missing or wrong with mine. Good luck with the restoration.

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To answer questions , the tanks are dead .


"I can see missing are the siren light and the search light. Both highly expensive unfortunately."


Yes we don't have for the moment . We see after for that .


We had made a lot of work at this time .

To begin,we dismantled the engine for to see his condition

The engine is blocked :-(

after a lot of work , the piston are removed .







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Hi there.


Looks a good solid example for restoration.


Is that an original LHS tool box? If it is - do you know how rare they are. Normally can't find them for love nor money.


If you ever get over to the UK - I have a spare pair of fuel tanks for the Ward La France series 5 and possibly in a few months, a complete R22 Continental engine that has been re-built and is fitted with Frank Jolly electronic ignition plus the original parts to re-fit.


I am fitting a diesel engine to mine which is currently in the planning / purchase stage.


I also have a spare (seized) R22 engine and a pair of running boards.


Good luck with the restoration.



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Yes it was us in the supermarket "Beke"

It was you and Jim?


Before that - it was Mike, not Jim - we were loading Federal / Autocar, and you were looking in the Ward laFrance wrecks for gauges I think? I would have taken a fuel tank also, but we ran out of capacity on the last trip. :-(


Just imagine what a problem you would have to find those spare parts in the future - I think we both have a lot to thank the Bekes for :)


Good luck with your restoration!


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