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What are the legal implications of removing a wreck from a firing range?



Im sure DawnPatrol (Julian) and friend got their recently acquired Comets from this range.

This is a really interesting topic, however, may I pose a question? "What are the legal implications of removing a wreck from a firing range?". As someone involved in the restoration of Military vehicles I think it's amazing these wrecks and been given a new lease of life. However, how are people getting permission to remove these vehicles from military firing ranges?

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If you remove a range target without permission, assuming you even get away with it at the time, that is theft and you can expect to get in trouble!


It is much harder to get access let alone permission to remove anything nowadays for a number of reasons. Not immpossible, just harder. There is a survey of all range targets in the UK being undertaken, as I understand it and this will make it next to immpossible to get anything.


Of course, there are old targets that no longer feature and these will possibly 'get out', time will tell!


Some range officers are more amenable than others, I've had dealings with both ends of the spectrum....

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