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  1. You are very welcome. The majority of American military vehicle manuals are available freely online (unlike the British equivalents). Joel.
  2. A number of Argo parts/operator manuals can be found on this website.
  3. I believe it is a Hobart ARC Welder (WELDING OUTFIT, ELECTRIC ARC-No. 17-W-1715). It is talked about in TM 9-834 pages 38-50.
  4. Does anyone have a user manual (or similar) for Jagdpanzer Kanone 90mm? It doesn't matter which language the user manual is written in.
  5. Quick question: how are Lucas glass lens covers made? Are they somehow molded? I am referring to the type found on a large amount of military vehicles: Kind Regards, Joel
  6. I will look forward to it, are you going to bring your jeep?
  7. Excellent, I will see you there Alex. I have also found that Tankfest visitors are very interested in the history of the exhibited vehicles. We look forward to seeing you there Clive.
  8. I believe the talk by Edward Fox is exclusive to the Directors Enclosure. However, the other events aren't restricted to the Directors Enclosure. It should be noted I no longer work for the museum (I am just a volunteer) - I noticed we hadn't posted anything about Tankfest 2014. Which exhibit are you bringing Clive?
  9. [h=1]TANKFEST 2014 - The World’s best display of moving armour returns to The Tank Museum![/h]Experience the best display of historic moving armour in the world at The Tank Museum – bringing the story of tanks, tank crew and soldiers to life... Historic vehicle displays will include vehicles making their show debuts, with a number of old favourites returning to the arena. TANKFEST NEWS: Watch this space for all the exciting news relating to Tankfest 2014 as it is announced. The British Army The Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU) has once again agreed to demonstrate
  10. Hi Terry, I just noted one of the missing pages (page 6). For others interested, the link can be found here.
  11. The charging set seems like an excellent place to start. I have just downloaded the manual from another thread. Its now just the question of locating one. Thanks for your help.
  12. Does anyone know if the eastern block tank sales company located in Lancashire/Yorkshire is still trading?
  13. Volunteering at the Tank Museum had allowed me to maintain and operate some very interesting vehicles. I have become very interested in engine internals. As such, I would like to set myself a task of rebuilding an engine. Can anyone suggest a suitable 'starter engine'? something military, relatively small, well documented and that has good parts availability.
  14. This is a very interesting restoration. Out of curiosity, what has been involved in the engine rebuild? Is it a full disassemble - clean in a parts washer - visual inspection and then back together? Edit: how far does the disassemble stage go - for example, are the sleeves removed from the block?
  15. I recently read about the technique of lead loading. This technique seems very common on classic car restorations. It involves filling the pitted metal with lead solder.
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