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  1. Interesting topic which I've often pondered, if you post vids to YouTube you have the advantage of using their analytics function to see how long they keep peoples interest, this can be very enlightening! It's pretty obvious that people get bored very quickly, so no shot should last more than 15 seconds, keep the action interesting by editing lots of clips together. Start the action in the first frame don't bother with titles and intros viewers won't wait for that to load. As an example here's a couple of mine that I thought were quite good, both feature forum members, but one hasn't done anywhere near as well (1,613 views) as the other that is made up of short clips (337,364 views) only a tiny bit of 'ride-along' in the second, but is more interesting to non Scammell/Military types. For some unknown reason the first has started to repeat itself and is twice as long now which is rather hard to fathom, must edit it.
  2. OOerr misses just look at that sphincter grip on the end of the nozzle....:shake:
  3. Not so much a case of 'great minds think alike', but just I know your mind too well Clive!
  4. In keeping with CMO tradition it has to be an enema pump...
  5. Well what looks like a lever with a handle seems to be some sort of plug on a flex. The vision of a plug in one orifice and the pump in the other, is starting to make my eyes water.... So presumably the plug is used to prevent the contents of the pump from escaping out of whatever orifice it has been pumped into. Is it for veterinary or human medical use?
  6. Use the heavier wheels to keep the nose down on leaving the line hard. love the patina and stance!
  7. Beat me to it Richard, I was about to say that, mine ran on a gasket cut from thick heatproof gasket paper very well before I got a proper one.
  8. I got one from a member on here, name escapes me right now, bear with me I'll have a dig around...
  9. That's just downright unfair....but then you chose the name...
  10. Thought some of you might enjoy this, we where there and it really was a spectacular way to arrive...
  11. Something to do with women's changing role?
  12. Well you have to admit that blokes eye lashes are perfectly vertically aligned, and, rather oddly for a squadie, a little Cleopatra at the side :coffee:
  13. Oooh water...can The Rugged One come?
  14. There was a definitely lack of armour and heavies this year, maybe due to stack, the weather forecast, the lack of proper loading/unloading facilities, and possibly a rumoured disparity in the 'appearance money' previously paid for various tanks. The terrible ground conditions last year after rain on site must have put a lot of people off. As I've sold my Explorer and living trailer I've become just another front wheel drive camper and four wheeled car trailer owner, worried about being dammaged by being towed off site by whichever over enthusiastic FWD owner happens to be nearby when I almost inevitably get stuck. For those reasons and the forecast, I left Saturday evening when the ground had dried out somewhat, firm on top. But even waiting for a clear run and hitting it quite fast in a higher gear than usual to kill the wheel spin, I only just got through the bit leading through the gate before the hardcored exit road by backing off the throttle as the spinning started. This bit of track has a left hand bend that means your vehicle is heading for the gate post at speed using momentum so some bravery is needed there. Last year plenty of people hadn't learned that technique which is sort of counter intuitive, and so the line of stuck vehicles grows. Having said all that I still had a great time and it's still a great show, (but it's not Beltring) I didn't want to leave early, and I doubt the vast majority of MOPs spot the shortcomings as much as we do, but all the vacated pitches must have proved a disappointment to those that braved the rain today. Maybe the new management will read forums like this and take notes, a lot of the problems are easy to fix.
  15. Under the bonnet of this one was a very smart tuned flat head engine with a pair of big shiny carbs on an Offenhouser manifold and two cast iron three branch exhaust manifolds into twin exhaust pipes, went very well apparently.. PS someone said it has a nice loping cam sound to it too!
  16. Or ransom...which has certainly worked on more than one occasion.
  17. This bit must have had RR engineers weeping into their tea cups, it must have cost them a fortune chasing an engine fault that didn't exist, human error, human incompetence, or spiteful sabotage? Until every improvement was included success was not achieved and only later was it discovered that at Aachen a restriction in the test bed coolant system had halved the flow and that the engine thermostat had been removed, thereby throwing to the winds a valuable 5 lb/in2 pressure with its higher boiling point.
  18. I was just wondering the same Barry, but the when you look at the leverage on those probably plain steel flange bolts with all that bearing surface hanging out, then the tie bar would relieve the strain on them I somewhat.
  19. I found this article very interesting, even though the formulas mostly went over my head, I now have some idea of the engineering problems involved in producing such an engine....enjoy. http://www.rrec.org.uk/Cars/Rolls-Royce_Motor_Car_Engines/History_of_a_Dimension.php
  20. Heard a rumour that the racecourse is needed as an alternative to operation stack.....just saying.
  21. Off topic or not, some marvelous info has been passed on in the last few posts, thanks folks I've learned a lot! :thanx:
  22. Nothing to do with me at all....don't blame the messenger :angel:
  23. Odd noises woke us up at dawn one morning, we found the Rugged One disembarking after another secret night time foray! To have required such backup his mission must have taken him to some foreign shore way beyond the range of his on board fuel tanks....
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