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  1. Hmm, I spy an interesting stationary engine, looks like there's a pump, shame the rest of the attached equipment is in shade... The rear wagon looks more like a drying unit, perhaps it has it's own engine.
  2. That might make more sense Richard, I wonder if Clive has any WW1 illustrations...hint hint :cool2:
  3. I had thoughts along those lines Doug, which led me to, ideas like filling airships or similar, made sense as we are near the old WW1 airship base at Willingdon. http://www.eastsussexww1.org.uk/polegate-royal-naval-airship-station-at-lower-willingdon/ http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?11712-Bomb-damage-near-Eastbourne-E-Sussex http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?31227-WW1-aircraft-wire-strainers&highlight=airship Well that's good info ruxy, if a tad disappointing :-) Although the top coat of paint looks very much like WW1 kharki brown, under that is what looks like cockpit green. Maybe someone has been messing about playing 'lets pretend' with it, or maybe we'll never know. Shame Mr Google doesn't seem know anything about it either. Bernard
  4. Once a vehicle is in Historic DVLA aren't worried about engine changes and such after objections from hundreds of owners who have historics but have no documentation to prove provenance. Lots petrol to diesel conversions to historics have been notified without need for a receipt for the engine used, I did one myself no problems. However lately DVLA have tightened up and when a vehicle enters Historic for the first time (maybe on PLG SORN for years) they now expect it to be pretty well as originally built, if the engine is of the original type it should be ok but no guarantees. I would have a word with them, but I would have thought a covering letter explaining it's an ex military vehicle with no records would sort it out. Yes zero tax to pay. Bernard
  5. Acquired this compressor / vacuum pump just because I couldn't resist it's charms and the seller had no idea what it was and accepted my first silly offer! It's a two lobe type and after a good clean it still works ok. The paint on it looks like it could have some military history, I Googled the maker and it seems they mostly made laundry machinery and pumps back then. The paint may be a red herring but it I thought it still might be interesting to some of you, so any suggestions would be welcome. Being a shaper owner I did like finding lots of shaper work in there, lots of chatter and hand feeding seems to have been acceptable when hogging the lobes out! Lovely drip oiler was just stuck in the filler hole in top the gear case, don't think it's supposed to be on it as the gear case is an oil bath. Bernard
  6. Nice progress Ben, I really enjoy your threads as I do like to see how parts are machined with cunning setups :thumbsup: Oh and I too have a shaper :-D Bernard
  7. I had one that started only running for a few seconds before cutting out, messed about with it but it got worse until it did nothing at all. Rang the makers and I found out that there is an inbuilt cut out that stops them working at all after a number of false starts. This can only be re-set but returning the unit to maker for check and refurb. Just make sure you don't try and start it too many times, be sure you find the fault and fix it before trying to start it again.
  8. Secret Russian shot putting stand for testing naughty performance enhancing stuff, aerial view...hidden behind a hedge.
  9. Well done and thanks for all those enjoyable updates, happy new year to you all.
  10. If you ever import an unrestored vehicle, or dig one out of a hedge, believe me you will want to get all the registration and paperwork done asp so you can relax! :sweat: It's a minefield out there..
  11. If the handbrake knob had been shown, I'd have got it first time easy....
  12. Could be a kind of cone clutch, maybe with elect-magnetic activation type whatchamacallits involved..
  13. Evening Clive, is it a breach block type thingy?
  14. Not sure if this applies to CVRTs but it does to dozers, only drive straight up and down slopes, driving along them it's easy to drive out of the loose set tracks when they fill with sand/gravel from the low side. Usually happens on the beach with the tide coming in, fitters nightmare, we all hated those calls!
  15. Anything to do with in flight refuelling?
  16. You do realise you have a massive business opportunity there Clive, those welsh hill and valley dwellers need you! :-D
  17. Can we assume the three divisions on the cone denote live neutral and earth electrical contacts?
  18. Dunno but I'm glad my lathe can cut a better thread than that..:-D
  19. What an impressive lineup, didn't know so many WW1 attended GDSF!
  20. Top notch work by a top notch team as usual! :thumbsup:
  21. Sorry Richard, but our new younger members need to know how to protect themselves, and history is important as it shows the depths these scammers can go to and the misery they can cause....and how long the effects can last!
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