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  1. One possible problem with this approach these days, is that before you are able to apply for a registration document, you have to get a NOVA document from HMRC stating that there is no VAT to pay. How will you tell them where you got the vehicle from?
  2. They were issued to mountain troops. Regards John
  3. MB1944


    Hi Steev Which suggestion did you use, as there were very different suggestions made. Regards John
  4. Is this not a little premature, seeing as little organisation is required?
  5. I think you are looking for Joes Motor Pool, they are still on Ebay. They do make very good panels.
  6. You first need to send a letter to: HM Revenue & Customs Personal Transport Unit Building 22, Priory Court St. Johns Road DOVER CT17 9SH Give all the detail you can about your purchase including chassis number and as much of its history as you can, if they are satisfied they will issue you a NOVA number which will satisfy the DVLA that there is no VAT to pay. Best regards John
  7. I am with Mike30841 do a full compression test before you open anything up, this will tell you a lot. Regards John
  8. Pete I have used Nutexa Frictions up here on the Wirral, they were very obliging when we needed linings for a Gaz that had oversize drums following scimming due to bad scoring. Would be worth a phone call. 0151 632 5903. They have been in the business since the sixties and make linings for coaches and trucks etc. Best regards John
  9. Age doesn't come into it, it is the condition of the bearing surfaces that matters. Regards John
  10. Surely the correct way to approach this is to assess the bearings for wear. If the bearings are showing signs of wear, pitting, chatter or corrosion they need replacing. If not clean and regrease them put them back with new seals, and adjust them correctly. Regards John
  11. Steve I have two of the side legs complete with casting, if the are of any interest. Regards John
  12. Richard I have had a look at this site, as I am also interested in a British census number. But I am at a loss to find any relevant info. Can you please advise where to find it on this site?
  13. But without the vehicles and re-enactors the organiser has no show to entice the stall holders and public to attend, therefore he has no show.
  14. A friend of mine who was in the TA in the 1980s was pulled for not displaying a tax disc on a Foden wrecker coming out of the Birkenhead tunnel. When asked by the cop who owned the vehicle, his response was Her Majesty the Queen. Classic!!!
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