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  1. Help please Gentleman Should grease be applied to the seal or transfer case prior to install, if so can you recommend what type of grease should I use?. thanks in advance Steev
  2. Thank you have done and thanks to all for your help.
  3. Have pulled the transfer lever back and now its moving!. Many thanks for your help as you can see I'm not the shapest knife in the draw.
  4. To be honest I haven't tried the transfer box I just concentrated on the gear box?.
  5. Gears aren't stuck they go in and out ok?, when I engage first gear and lift off the clutch pedal nothing happens?.
  6. Good morning I re-fitted the gearbox and transfer case back on to the jeep and after starting and engaging first gear the jeep doesn't move?. (I didn't dismantle either boxes and fitted back as is?). any suggestions please. KR Steev
  7. Good afternoon What is the best grease to use on a gearbox main drive spline (Hotchkiss m201). KR Steve
  8. steev


    Hi John Really sorry for the very late reply!!, I used a small pair of mole grips?. Kind regards Steve
  9. steev


    Thanks to all of you for your suggestions, I managed to get it off but as mentioned I've rounded the nut!, so will buy anew one.
  10. steev


    Help again please!. I am trying to remove the fuel tank from my Hotchkiss m201, unfortunately the nut on fuel pipe from the tank will not budge!!, I have tried molegrips etc, any suggestions are very welcome. Best regards, Steve.
  11. Thanks Jerry. I would prefer to take the the gear box out as a last resort as It would be a first for me and it would be a challenge?, therefore would just changing the seals on the prop shaft and gear leavers be an easier way out if I chance that it might work?.
  12. I am looking for a Roll-bar for Hotchkiss jeep and advice on seat belts please. Many thanks Steev
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