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  1. Good afternoon What is the best grease to use on a gearbox main drive spline (Hotchkiss m201). KR Steve
  2. steev


    Hi John Really sorry for the very late reply!!, I used a small pair of mole grips?. Kind regards Steve
  3. steev


    Thanks to all of you for your suggestions, I managed to get it off but as mentioned I've rounded the nut!, so will buy anew one.
  4. steev


    Help again please!. I am trying to remove the fuel tank from my Hotchkiss m201, unfortunately the nut on fuel pipe from the tank will not budge!!, I have tried molegrips etc, any suggestions are very welcome. Best regards, Steve.
  5. Thanks Jerry. I would prefer to take the the gear box out as a last resort as It would be a first for me and it would be a challenge?, therefore would just changing the seals on the prop shaft and gear leavers be an easier way out if I chance that it might work?.
  6. I am looking for a Roll-bar for Hotchkiss jeep and advice on seat belts please. Many thanks Steev
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