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  1. Many thanks indeed for your reply John. That is great info! 😀 Andy
  2. I'm seeking help identifying the significance of the ring pictured below. It belonged to a now deceased family member who was a soldier in a Guards regiment and injured at Dunkirk. He was present in North Africa and then Italy, before or during which he was assigned as a driver to a senior officer, on account of his persistent injuries. We know he/they moved up through Italy as the campaign progressed, but didn't think he'd reached Naples (he rarely ever spoke of any of his wartime experiences). Upper right appears to be an outline of Mount Vesuvius erupting in 1944, which tallies with the '44 at upper left. The A5 appears to be the symbol of the US 5th Army: I'm guessing the Americans had these made locally (although the craftsmanship is poor, so perhaps they were hand-made in the field, using materials and tools to hand)? I'm also guessing some were given as gifts or exchanged with others (e.g. British soldiers)? Can anyone provide any more details please? Many thanks indeed Andy
  3. I'm casting the net very wide here! 😉 I'm actually hoping to accommodate a small (relatively speaking) single-seat aircraft cockpit. Under cover is preferable, but outdoors tolerable. Garage space (with headroom few inches taller than with a standard domestic up-and-over door), a corner of a barn or corner of a farm strip hangar would be marvelous, but I'm flexible. Please PM me if you know of anything. Many thanks indeed 👍
  4. I'm trying to re-establish contact with the owner of this magnificent 1960s era AEC Royal Navy aircraft refueller. We met briefly at the RNAS Yeovilton Air Day (airshow) last summer (2011), but I have since lost their details. I was hoping to take detailed pictures and measurements of the vehicle for the purposes of making a model. I believe the owner is from Somerset and I think the Castle Cary area. If you are the owner yourself, or know who they are or how I might contact them, please PM me. Many thanks indeed Andy :thanx:
  5. I'm a WII Jeep enthusiast and have a 1942 Willys Jeep that I run with my family whenever I can, except it is garaged in South Gloucestershire, not Dorset! I'm also an aviation and flight simulation enthusiast, which have produced a strong interest in airfield vehicles, such as airfield tractors/tugs, refuellers, control caravans, mobile surveillance/precision approach radars etc., mostly from the Cold War era. If anyone in my region owns such vehicles and would be willing to let me come and take a look please contact me! :-) I'd be extremely grateful. Nice to meet you all! Andy
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