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  1. Nice! I'd like to do as much of it myself as possible too. Just need to find one that doesn't require a rebore I guess!! Probably easier said than done!
  2. Did you do all the work yourself or get help from machinists? If so any recommendations for machinists?
  3. Advice to me from the MVT was all that matters is the chassis. So aslong as you have a chassis that can be documented (so probably a GPW stamped chassis) and the appropriate axels etc. (I.e. you don't put for example landrover axels on instead of jeep axels) the DVLA will register as a historic vehicle using the date of the chassis. If though you put landrover axels on a GPW chassis its likely they would consider it a reconstruction or kit car. The chassis is the most important part in the DVLAs eyes. This is the advice I got from the MVT: "So if you build a WW2 GPW with an original chassis, then it is a WW2 GPW. When basically complete, the DVLA will want a verification letter from a recognised club (the MVT is one) stating the vehicle is what is claimed, with the club’s sources of information to support that. That is the key. You will of course need other things to register it as well, like a NOVA certificate, DVLA forms, the fee, etc, all of which are no problem. And then you get a V5C with an age-related registration, “Historic” status (inc zero road tax) and the date of manufacture stated on the V5."
  4. Having done quite a lot of research now and having also spoken to the MVT, it is possible to buy chassis with NOVA certificates (they tend to be GPWs as these have stamped serial numbers).
  5. Hi John, So great to hear from someone who has made this approach work, it's exactly what I want to do and for the same reasons as you! Your chassis and engine are looking awesome! Whereabouts are you in the UK? Did you rebuild your engine too? Nick
  6. Strange, not working for me on my phone or computer. Must be an issue my end. Cheers for checking!
  7. Is anyone else not able to get on the milweb site at the moment? Whenever I try to load it it says "page unavailable". Not sure if they are maybe having server issues or something?
  8. I've recently joined the MVT too and also applied to join the fb page but nothing yet. Have emailed and fb messaged William Holmes who is listed as an admin and on the MVT website as Social Media Officer, but not heard back yet. @MatchFuzee are you in contact with someone who could approve my membership?
  9. These are some of the exact reasons I am keen, as much as possible, to avoid reproduction parts. Whilst I am sure some modern repro parts are excellent it is becoming more and more obvious to me the more I research this project that some really are not up to scratch, whether they be electrical items or body panels! All adds to the fun of the hunt for parts I guess!
  10. I'm happy to undertake an engine restoration and rebuild, so should then know exactly what state the engine is in I guess? Makes sense though I guess if one doesn't know the state of the engine just to use the additives and keep it running as close to the original designed way as possible!
  11. Yeh, prices on eBay do seem to be in the higher end quite often sadly! I have joined the MVT and already had some excellent help from them which is great. Yet to see the Green Sheets though, any idea how I can see them? You are right jenkinov, COVID isn't helping (as with all walks of life!), I've seen a couple of tubs and chassis online that I'd like to view but clearly can't right now! I'd love to go out to the USA and do some hunting post COVID! My idea of a holiday that!! Teletech, I've always been up for a challenge! Totally get your point about the difficulties in keeping all original, but I'd love to atleast give it a go! That truck does look great though haha, sadly wouldn't fit in my garage though, Jeep sized projects are about as big as I can go at the moment!
  12. Hi Ruxy, Yeh that is pretty much my plan. Sorry I may not have worded my intial post very well. What do you mean by NDT?
  13. Thanks for the replies and help everyone. Sounds like I should be OK then with my plan to find a rolling (or almost rolling) GPW chassis with visible number and paperwork 👍
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