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  1. Hello Radek, thanks für your effort. Kind Regards Jürgen
  2. Hello Simon, Hello Radek, thanks for your reply’s, I will try to get the parts from the recommended shop. About the angle irons from the floor (which are welded on the side panels): I meant the dimensions and the thickness of the material of the L-shaped iron, because I have to rebuild it. There is nothing left in my trailer, I assume that the thickness is approximately 1,5mm. Kind Regards Jürgen
  3. Hello Radek, thanks for your post and the precious informations about the floor. I think it will still last a few days until i´m ready to build up the floor ;-). Do i understand it right that it rests on the middle frame tube and the side angle irons (that are welded on the side panels)? May you please can tell me the dimensions of the angle irons (on which the floor rests)? Are they also 1,5mm thick? Thank you At the moment i´m working at the brakes and i´m looking to get some spare parts: After years of use the seal rings are hardened so the grease got onto the brake liners. The Timken bearings are no problem to get (in germany), so if anyone needs it, here are the numbers: Inner-bearing: # 14125 / 14276 Outer-bearing: # 09074 / 09196 But it´s difficult to get the following parts: new seal rings (outside sealing): original wheel-studs and wheel nuts (i need 4 studs and 5 nuts) new rubber bellows May anybody can tell me if and where it´s possible to get them? Are the brake liners (Girling 3322 / New Hudson GB 3322) still in use by civilin cars (maybe like Austin, etc.) and may there exist any comparative numbers? Thanks In the meantime the electrolytic rust removal works: Best Regards Jürgen
  4. Hello Adrian, thanks for your efforts. The list has arrived and so i have something to study the next days during further disassembling... Best Regards Jürgen
  5. Hello together, thank you all for your replys and the explanations, that are good news to understand the keycard and the confirmation that it is a ww2 trailer. Yesterday I was busy and have disassembled the trailer, so that it doesn´t need so much space to store. I made a astonishing discovery on my rusty data plate (i thought that there was no figures stamped in and nothing readable left) but in the sunlight i saw a figure shining and so i cleaned it again. Now I can confirme the informations of the keycard, because nearly all the figures until the first #5 were readable . Some impressions: Before disassembling: a litte bit of work is waiting ...sequel follows ... P.S: Adrian, may you have the spare parts list in .pdf for me ? Thanks Regards Jürgen
  6. Hello cordenj, Hello wally dugan, thanks for your posts and your informations. I´m sorry for the few words in the first post (it´s my first topic and i have to try how it works) and please excuse my unperfect english. => Does that mean that if the trailer is registered in the post-war listing, the date of manufacturing is definitly after the war? Meanwhile i have organized the Key-card Infos of it, but i´m not sure what the codes really means and i couldn´t find a clear date of manufacturing. The first number (I estimate the first unit) is 11845 , then it was disposed 1963 to BAOR CR 6212185 to the location S.8055 May somebody can explain me the meanings of the figures? Thanks (I found out that BAOR means British Army of the Rhine) Some words to the history of the trailer: I bought it from a farmer near Verden (close to Bremen), that told me that the trailer formerly was in use by the british army for a field kitchen. He cut away the rear section and welded on a ramp to transport pigs with it. During his use the complete inner floor is rotten and now missing, so i have to rebuild it. More pictures are following... Thanks and Best regards Jürgen
  7. Hello together, two weeks ago i had bought a british trailer for a new restauration project. I´m not sure which type it is in detail and if it is a ww2 trailer:
  8. Hello Adrian, thanks for your quick answer and your valuable informations. I´m located in the south of Germany in Bavaria near Ingolstadt. I will try to open a new topic in the restauration section and post the pictures there (after i will know how it works ;-) ). I bought it from a farmer near Verden, that told me that the trailer was formerly in use by the british army for a field kitchen. He cut away the rear section and welded on on a ramp to transport pigs with it. During his use the complete inner floor is rotten and now missing. Do you think it may can be a wartime trailer? Regards Jürgen
  9. Hallo together, full of interest I’ve read your posts, because I also bought a englisch trailer last week, nearly the same type. Unfortunately the data plate is rotten and I only found the serial number 01YK60 on the towing frame. May anybody have some detailed informations like the year of manufacturing, the manufacturer itself, for me..? I want to build ist up again, may someone have a detailed picture of the inner side of the trailer-floor (especially how ist is welded to the sides and the middle frame)? Thanks a lot and please excuse my bad englisch. Many thanks Jürgen I will try to post some pictures soon
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