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  1. Don't know if this is the right place to place to ask this, but I'm looking to buy some replica WW2 boxes to have on my Jeep etc, tracked down two companies who seem to make nice ones, 'VandenBergh militaria, and WW2 boxes here in the UK. Now I just want to know if anyone has bought any of these boxes from either of the sellers and what are your thoughts on them, quality etc, who makes the better box?
  2. Have written on here before, but not for a while. Just a quick question regarding the new Jeep body panels that are being produced here in the UK. I purchased a rear panel many moons ago from a company on Ebay who also dealt in Scooter spare, I forget their name. They seem to have disappeared, but other companies seem to be dealing in these parts. can anyone tell me if these are the same panels, as the quality of the rear panel was excellent, and I'd obviously rather buy the same quality panels, than cheaper made ones.
  3. I have for sale a set of magazines that were sold during the late 1990s and each magazine came with a VHS video. The magazines covered the rise and fall of a certain German regime. There are 30 -32 magazines in all, along with their respective videos bar one! Magazines are in mint condition. Also have some military vehicle magazines for sale as well, all mint. Any questions please ask.
  4. I'd rather go and collect, however I live in Glasgow and always everything good is too far away
  5. I'm very wary when buying online, and especially for the amount he's asking I'd not be keen at all to go any way other than paypal.
  6. There's a guy advertising a supposedly Willys MB rear seat on Ebay, now I made an offer and he quickly got back to me stating he wasn't prepared to accept Paypal, only a bankers draft or a cheque, now this personally sets alarm bells ringing for me, it may not be the case, but be aware. On other military forums there are warnings of such scammers.
  7. Can anyone tell me if there are any noticeable differences between a Hotchkiss and MB rear seat? I know the early MB ones had no drain holes, but all the Hotchkiss ones did. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Thanks for the info regarding, Dallas Auto part, however it doesn't really answer my question!
  9. I'm in the process of starting a restoration on my 45MB and am looking for the best possible repair panels for the Jeep. Don't really want to fit the MD Juan parts and have been searching through the G503. Found Midwest Military, in the States who do repair panels and they seem to get a good name, however after speaking to someone on the G503 they mentioned panels that are made here in England as being amongst the best. Can anyone clarify this and is it the guy who advertises on ebay under the name of 'Lambrettahouse'?
  10. It's still there, so as I already said maybe ebay are happy to let this guy con people as they still get their cut!
  11. This is definitely a scam!! I saw this 'Jeep' advertised in August, except the seller wanted around £5900 for it. When I contacted him, he was vague in his reply about the Jeep itself, but all he kept repeating was that my money had to be sent to him via paypal, and once the funds were there, the Jeep would be delivered to me. If I wasn't please with the Jeep, he would collect at his own expense!!! His b******t story was that it was his brothers, who has just died, and that he lived in Germany and was dealing with it. Jeep was in Elgin. I did some digging and discovered that the Jeep wasn't hi
  12. There is a lowlife advertising a Willys Jeep on ebay for £3900!!! This is a total scam, as I was nearly taken in by it in August, except he wanted more for the Jeep. It turns out the Jeep isn't even his, and was sold by someone else months ago, this person has just kidnapped the pictures!! I've contacted ebay twice, but so far they've done nothing about it (probably they take a cut from this guys earnings) Anyway beware. The seller states that he lives abroad and Jeep is based in Scotland! states that it was his brothers who died! usual nonsense!! And insists money must be paid into paypal, th
  13. Just bought a Jeep and obviously looking to buy some bits for to finish it. Now this may seem like a daft question but after playing with old Fords for many many years, I was wondering who or where does the best qualit bits, for instance bumpers etc, or are the parts made by the same crowd and sold by various dealers? In buying spares for my old Fords there were some suppliers who had poorer quality body panels, and I would prefer to buy as best quality Jeep parts as possible.
  14. I'm going to try and put some photos on here so hopefully someone can shed some light on the Jeeps originality. With regards to it's identity, my real concern and it probably sounds daft, but there is a niggling thought that this guy is trying to disguise a stolen Jeep with the ID from a dead imported vehicle. I just need to know if this is common, i.e. vehicles being imported, in need of restoration with no id tags or chassis plates? How do you upload photos onto to this site, it keeps saying they're too large.
  15. To update. I've just spoken with the owner, and his story goes that he imported this and another 'basket case' together as a restoration project. this jeep was apparently in bits and although supposedly the better of the two had bits missing which he cannibalised off the other one. He had identity plates for one of them, which he claims was for the better one (this one) so it appears he made one vehicle out of two! The mix up seems to be that when he had new data plates made the company in Holland stated they had a Jeep that was one digit of a difference to his Jeep, so were able to confirm th
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