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  1. Right it just shows how rubbish my memories are - the prototype IMMLC did have S26 on the front! Anyway the prototypes had Allison auto boxes in whilst the production ones had ZFs. The picture here was taken at Crocker Barracks in Sennelager in about 1984/85 It was a very good truck indeed, but like its Foden rival exceeded Construction and Use on both width and axle loadings. But as a military vehicle it was decided that it could be Crown Exempt.
  2. Not to say that it has not been altered but my recollection was that the prototype Scammell IMMLC did not have "S26" on the front. I was also under the impression that the prototypes went back to the manufacturers (who owned them - they did not belong to the MOD) and were re-worked as MMLC. I could be wrong there though. I also recall that the wheels were much much bigger even than the ones in the picture (it certainly did not meet construction and use regulations!) Again, I could be wrong. The Scammells that did have the "S26" were the 6x6 dumpers. One key indicator would be the ge
  3. It was a little after my time but my understanding was that most went for scrap - they had lots of metal and not much of anything else. Certainly they are few and far between in preservation (I am in the market for one at the moment). I am sure that the Germany ones would have been sold centrally from Recklinghausen, the UK ones from Ruddington or similar.
  4. From the "user" end of the re-work programme I can only ever recall FEC being involved - but that is not to say that there were not others, indeed some in-depth work was carried out by both Unit and Base workshops as required. The numbers are not so odd when you consider that there were probably no more than 160 Antars working hard at the time. I am also fairly certain that not all went through the programme, although I never really understood the criteria - we would loose excellent units for rebuild, whilst some of the less lovely machines had to stag on!
  5. Short answer to the exam question based on 40 years experience.... No.
  6. V8s were procured in relatively small numbers after the Defender diesel engine debacle. In about 1987 it started to become very clear indeed that the diesel fitted to the relatively newly introduced Defenders was a failing with alarming regularity. Landrover refused to accept that there was anything wrong, blaming instead the military for incorrect oil topping up. The MOD responded by accepting what Landrover were telling them and re-introducing the graduated oil filling can and a set of oil checking instructions just slightly shorter than War and Peace (the novel not the event...) T
  7. It was decent kit wasn't it - and I was never convinced that later stuff had the robustness and simplicity of the earlier versions. I remember going back to Marchwood in the 90s when all the forks were Case - decent enough but fearsomely complex and there was really nothing to show in performance for that complexity. Not only that but the Elf and Safety lunatics had been about - I recall a small yellow sticker, no bigger than 5inches by 4 inches, just ahead of the centre pivot on the Case warning of the dangers of standing in the pivot area. Trouble was you had to be no more than a foot awa
  8. Agreed - makes a nice change from landrovers and bedfords! I have quite a collection of plant brochures, manuals and handbooks, until now I tended to keep quiet about it but now I think I may come out of the closet...
  9. A Fiat-Allis methinks - they were designated RTFLT 8000Lb in 17 Port Regt RCT - we had both forks and 4in1 buckets and about half the fleet were waterproofed and could wade in 5ft of water without preparation and manage a 2ft6 swell on top of that. Great machines. They tried to replace them with Volvo 4400s but they were just too fragile. The Fiat Allis had replaced Michigans, and were themselves eventually replaced (in the port role at least) by Case. I was always a bit of a fan of a Fat Allis though!
  10. It isn't - but I know who has listed it and I am sure that they are as in the dark as the rest of us regarding what they might or might not be worth! I have fond memories of BVs - ranging from the pitch battle we had with the beancounters to retain them in the production model DROPS trucks to the life-saving Moray Firth Boiled Eggs (even our small landing craft, the LCVP, had a BV).
  11. I think the start price is low enough - I generally put a buy it now just in case anyone is in a desperate rush. That's the joy of ebay - things tend to find their own value depending on demand.
  12. Here you go.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Military-FV-boiling-vessel-/262183082945?hash=item3d0b545bc1:g:vcYAAOSwp5JWaD7r
  13. Pierced. I think on reflection the fist "P" stands for Pierced (ie all the holes...) Could be wrong though.
  14. Pressed Steel Planking (although I have heard it called Perforated Steel Planking). It is the interlocking planking used in a variety of ways from sand channels on desert vehicles to landing strip etc.
  15. There is not really less mess - I have experience of both approaches and whilst there may be some slight differences in application, it is the abrasive that does the work and at the end of the day there will be a ton or two of it to clear up. Now there may be less dust with the wet system but we have found that using decent grit keeps the dust down anyway. The air fed mask is no great hardship, you will have to wear PPE anyway. One trick which we now do regularly (because it saves so much time and money) is to "kill" the existing paint first with a decent blowlamp/propane fan. No nee
  16. It is not just trucks - it just did it with a pre-1960 car too. I will be popping to my post office on Monday - the last time that I had a problem like this (with a tractor) the lady behind the counter phoned DVLA on the spot and played merry hell with them!
  17. As ever a simple enough question but a rather elusive answer - it depends what you are looking for! Like most lorries of the period the parts came from the usual suspects, for instance Lucas electrics, Zenith carb, Borg and Beck clutch etc etc etc. and whilst I cannot think of anyone in particular who is "Austin" the parts are out there and just need tracking down. Putting requests here, or in similar on the likes of Facebook for pointers as you go along will pay dividends I am sure. As an aside you might look up the Fire Service Preservation Group on facebook as a number of K2 ATVs are aro
  18. There are a number of folks who carry them on DROPS so I am sure that they have weighed them. As I recall from my uniformed days however they were 13700 kg to 15400kg depending on the variant and whether or not it was completely empty or in combat trim.
  19. Autohome already do classic lorry recovery. When you go on their site it looks like they only cover up to 3.5t, but if you select the appropriate level in the drop down boxes you will see that other options are available. Over 16t (including drawbar and artics) runs out at £165 a year Here's the link: http://www.autohome.co.uk/content/classic-commercial-vehicle-rescue-only-9350-year They also do commercial vehicle breakdown and recovery - very reasonable rates too. I should add that I have nothing to do with them other than as a user of their services - and when I have needed the
  20. Let me dig the sides out and let you have some pictures!
  21. I think I have a pair of bonnet sides somewhere and I definitely made a bonnet top (which is quite a complicated blighter as I recall - have a look at the pics on http://rustytrucks.tripod.com/id29.html). The post-war coach bonnet sides were different to yours, but, as I say I have a pair of wartime ones in a corner somewhere if you are interested. As for the top I can let you have the dimensions but you will have to find the latch mechanisms!
  22. I have used it in hard-pressed boat engines....well worth a try
  23. Search for "Shaun Woody Robins" on facebook or pm me and I will give you is phone number...
  24. Let's hope that the RLC Museum vehicle collection fares better than the post-Beverley RCT vehicle collection then.
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