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  1. Hi, I am looking for a Meadows 4DC engine (as fitted to 27.5 KVA generator sets but for a vehicle project) as a parts donor and also a source for parts like head gaskets. I would consider a whole gen set as mine would benefit from some other parts to improve its completeness. If anyone knows of a Sentinel genset chassis, it would be nice to make it mobile too.
  2. It did cause some head scratching when all the upward pointing fastenings were off and the heads still tight! However I removed side covers to reveal the studs you mention before being to rough to try shifting them. I will try John Walker as you suggest. Thanks.
  3. Does any one know where I might source head gaskets for one of these Meadows 27.5kva generator engines? Any parts at all for the sets? Is there anyone with experience of working on these, would be prepared to give advice?
  4. WW2 Onan generating set, 2 cylinder. This set has an interesting civilian history and has been dry stored for some time. I haven't tried to make it run but the previous owner said it would work. It is quite a heavy lump though not physically big. The sides for the rad are there but the wooden skid carrier was live wormy so it has been destroyed. looking for £200. I am in Shropshire/ N.Wales area, P.M. me or 07858 414565
  5. I remember as a student visiting the Luton factory in 1989, which by then was AWD trucks; they were still producing export "J" type trucks with no front brakes for export sale.
  6. I have done some research; it seems that to cover a city and docks area like Bristol, hundreds were required and all of them ready to move at a moments notice as the wind changed. The British "Haslar" system covered the area with oily residue. I assume you Hedd were in college broadly the same time as myself late 1980's. I am surprised that they were being released as surplus so late for conversion at that time, also by that time farm transport was starting to become by legal necessity far more slick than earlier "crudeness". These examples have obviously been hanging around much longer than t
  7. These are quite distinctive modifications with the kicked up front end; the welding is pretty horrible on the mods but all that is to be cut away anyway.
  8. Here is a pic of two of the trailers. The closer one has a plaque on it "HASLAR 5 Ton - C.L.Co."
  9. You could ask these; we deal with Dave; http://www.swagemaster.com/
  10. If you look here; one of the WW2 variety was listed on fleabay last week. Due to the level of delapidation the pictures reveal the usually hidden internal construction. You might be able to view the item but I suspect as it has been pulled it has changed hands. NOTE; This link sends you to a suggested alternative item but there is a link to the original listing or alternatively search for "WW2 GMC Workshop Body" then look in the completed items bit! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-Gmc-Cckw-Workshop-Body-/173400944442?hash=item285f806f3a%3Ag%3APqMAAOSwK~VbQlFE&_nkw=gmc+body&
  11. Hi, I purchased these military headlights via a well known web based sales site; when they arrived I was surprised (but not disappointed as they might well be better for my purpose) they have sealed beam units installed, these are obviously not as intended as the redundant wiring is still in place. However the sealed beam units do not have any marking on them to indicate what voltage they are intended to run. Can I assume that they are commercial vehicle 7" units and they are for 24 volts. I know I could wire them up to a 12v supply and see if they are bright or dim and then try them
  12. These are a good place for re-sleeving brake cylinders; they usually have a few weeks lead time so don't delay getting them there. Have used them several times. Always done a good job for me and not too costly. http://classiccar-brakes.co.uk/contactus.htm
  13. However, I did not risk annealing the whole pipe, just the heat from soldering on the new nipple; the old one was a bit rough. Cleaned it out with pipe cleaner and blow line. We will see how it lasts.
  14. Are you suggesting L. Gardner and Sons got it wrong?
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