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  1. Thanks to Brooky the Leyland too has had lots of TLC - pictures here: http://s484.photobucket.com/user/RustyTrucks/library/1937%20Leyland%20Lynx%20Fire%20Engine And I forgot it is a Lynx not a Cub...
  2. I do not think that it was built to last more than a few years in the first place!
  3. Well it is a Kew-built Dodge 101a; originally supplied to Westmorland County Fire brigade in 1943 as a 5 ton truck. It stood in for the Windemere Leyland Cub pump escape which was seconded to Liverpool for the duration. After the war it was given a makepover reappearing in the format shown as a Type A Water Tender; it had a Sigmund trailer pump (less trailer) fitted in the back and towed a second trailer pump. Amazingly it was used until about 1974 (imagine being in a RTA on the M6 motorway and that turning up...) at which point it was sold by sealed bid tender. My dad was the highest
  4. Not military but it does have a long-block Chrysler (Dodge) flathead 6!
  5. I will be coming up from Cambs to Cumbria with an empty truck (beavertail, winch, long loadbed, 14t payload) the weekend 28/29 Apr. Might be of use/interest to someone. 07979720466
  6. Many thanks Richard. Contact made and looking promising....
  7. Internal parts wanted for engine rebuild of a 4 cylinder Morris EK/EH engine (as fitted to the C8). I have tried the usual suppliers such as Cox and Turner and FW Thorntons and have had some success there but now need the following: Valves and guides. Valve Springs. Timing chain. Full gasket set ideally but just a head gasket would be fine. Many thanks Paul 07979 720466
  8. Smith and Allen SAE 30 is excellent. As is the Morris equivalent.
  9. paulbrook


    Assuming that we are talking about a remote vacuum brake servo are we talking about a Clayton Dewandre or other another make? Pretty sure I have the setting up instructions for the former, and maybe others too - I will have a look. Even then the master cylinders attached can vary. As for parts I am not sure if there is much that can go wrong with the servo part, other than a piston failure. Virtually everything else is in "strip clean and carefully reassemble" territory. Provided that the master cylinder is relatively standard refurb kits can be found for them.
  10. Some US equipment (particularly crawlers and other tractors) were provided to the Ministry of Supply and were then issued to War Ag and other outlets. I owned an Mack that had come across in 1940 and had been used along with 9 others in a quarry in Oxfordshire. I would venture, however, that yours came to be in civilian use after having been used by the Army. You should be able to find out from the chassis number and asking the RLC museum. Has it still got its original engine?
  11. I was browsing through some old stuff yesterday and came across a nice brochure - so I scanned it. Not exactly Antar but close enough!
  12. I have some. Not sure how much I have though and what period it is (although I am pretty sure it is post war). I have pm-ed you my number.
  13. Weapon lubricant. Light rust and carbon removing qualities. Replaced OX18 which did not have the cleaning/preserving additives (although it is still used on things like ejector seats).
  14. This was heading to the scrapyard but we headed it off. It has been a bit messed around with in the hitch department (haven't we all?) but could be sound for a restoration or used for spares. Located Appleby in Cumbria and yours for £125..Call 07979 720466
  15. Not sure if these images are any help... http://s484.photobucket.com/user/RustyTrucks/library/Humber%20Heavy%20Utility?sort=3&page=1 Feel free to jump in the car, get a ferry to Newcastle or Hull and drive over to Cumbria with a tape measure and camera and come and see us!
  16. MOD rules: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/ministry-of-defence-film-locations It is private property - so intellectual property rights are not the same as a photographer taking a picture in a public place.
  17. Cebora 3 Phase MIG Welders Choice of 2. £525 I have 2 and I only need one. Happy to keep either as they are both excellent machines. First come chooses which and I keep the other. The big one has separate wire feed long cables and two torches, one good and one for spares. Comes complete with a nearly full reel of 1mm wire. Max power is a massive 450A (60% duty) or 350A at 100% duty but you would need a water cooled torch if you were going to spend all day at 450A! The smaller one is a 305 in very tidy condition with recent torch and earth cable. Has spot welding function
  18. Beautiful lathe in great condition. 4.5inch swing and 18 inches between centres. 3 and 4 jaw chucks. Currently 3 phase but easy enough to convert Further information can be found at http://www.lathes.co.uk/smartbrown/page2.html Located Appleby Cumbria Assistance given to load - weighs about 700kg
  19. We have available a whole load of machine tools and accessories many of which are perfect for restoration work. Items include: Ward 2c Capstan Lathe (with the smoothest action imaginable) Herbert No4 Capstan Lathe Smart and Brown Toolroom Lathe Denbiegh End Mill Dormer Tool Grinder and Shaper Ironworker multi-profile power shears (will cut bar angle etc) Small Flypress Large Gornati lathe with both imperial and metric thread cutting capability MMA and AC TIG welder 400A MIG Welder with separate wire feed Sliding Table Circular Saw (has been used with a TCT blade) All are 3 ph
  20. I wonder if anyone can help. We are trying to find a set of big end and main bearing shells for a 1940 Leyland "Light 6" 6 cylinder OHV petrol engine. We have tried FW Thorntons but no luck there. Any and all leads and suggestions will be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance........... The engine is from a Lynx Fire Engine by the way - normally fire engine mechanicals are less used than other types but this one spent the war years in Liverpool and did rather more pumping than many post war appliances!
  21. Albert Jagger from Heywood used to do them but no longer. We searched around but did not come up with an alternative source (although that is not to say there isn't one). We now have to make our own.
  22. Haha excellent. Tricky buggers when you are trying to steer them dead - ask Deb who normally draws the short straw - she was toning up her muscles last week as it happened as we were shifting a dead un. I told her it was cheaper than a gym membership. Anyway what goes around comes around, because 12DM61, which was the one that originally was destined for Leconfield has now followed me home and is sitting in the yard. I must say it is looking a bit worse for wear - since I last saw it anyway. I don't suppose that anyone has an offside engine side panel do they? it is missing a variety
  23. All new HT stuff eh? Try putting the old bits back one at a time - starting with the rotor arm. Back in the 70s I can never ever remember having to change a rotor arm. Now its the first place I look.
  24. Mmm I have both 40x8s and 9x24s and there is no discernible difference as far as I can see (mind you I might need to pop down to specsavers!) I should be getting a few used covers in soon and can sort you a pair if you like. As for rims likewise - but most that I can lay my hands on have quite an offset as they are truck ones. I do have a couple of interesting zero offset wheels though which are currently mounted on a traction engine axle so I might take a pic of them as they might be of use to you, My Mack is a 1929 chain-drive AC by the way on 24 inch Budd type wheels.
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