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  1. Well I suppose that I could hide behind the statement that its what the customer wants (a stripped out vehicle raises the cash to have it done - and dispite the lovely pics it does need a little more than a rub down with an oily rag) but I wont - I too would love to see it running again. If someone would like to give me a blank cheque (or about £12-15K cash) I will make a start.... And I think I may be mistaken - it may not be a 3 Sqn one (dispite the 3 Sqn lookalike bumper strips) as I now understand it to have been 414 TTU/19 Sqn. That said I do know that it ended up with the RAF. I wi
  2. Sadly it isn't for sale - if it was I would be very tempted!
  3. How about a 1917 AC Mack that I know of in France?
  4. Just seen this thread - so heres the one (a cargo) that I took my HGV2 test on in 1977...... (the Martian is the one at the back..)
  5. Oh sorry - just remembered I have some pics of the Antar here: http://s484.photobucket.com/albums/rr206/RustyTrucks/Antar%20Mk%203/ It is one of my old ones - 3 Tk Tptr Sqn RCT who were based in Sennelager, Germany.
  6. The stalwart is done and looks fantastic. Next up is a Saxon (in a NI setting). The Antar is also on the cards. Sadly it has to be funded by the team there at the School - it is a bit of a stretch to ask the taxpayer to do it, and neither is it a good idea to use soldiers welfare funds. So it is good old self help I fear. Now I have looked at the Antar (last week as it happens) and I am an old Antar man and can confirm that mechanically it seems in very good shape and would render some excellent spares to keep those Antars that are on the road - er - on the road. Its not like you can pop into
  7. Hi folks A client of mine is getting me to do a lot of cosmetic work on a Mk3 Antar for eventual display purposes, even though currently it is a runner. Many of the "internals" will eventually be available, items large (engine, gearbox, 3rd diff, axle internals) and small (are there any small bits on an antar??). I would be happy to accept expressions of interest at this point. Please pm me in the first instance with contact details (email would be best) and I will get back to you. Please note that at this point this opportuntity will not be advertised elsewhere so if you know
  8. All fair comment - but readers will note that I said "currently" when referring to the quality of kit. There has been a lot of comment about quality, with the likes of snatch being up there. But there are also plenty of folk serving who rate snatch in certain conditions - I flew out of Iraq once together with a couple of casualties who spent the entire trip back arguing which was better, snatch or warrior. Horses for courses was the conclusion. It is also astonishing how quickly things become obsolete in the current fight, and the last 5 years have seen incredible changes - and to get back
  9. Oh - and if I may (in response to Artistrifles) there are lots of recent examples of bayonets on SA80 being just the ticket in some up close and personal encounters with the bad guys! Its not the rifle folks - its the infantryman, gunner, engineer, loggie, whatever on the other end that counts.
  10. I think we are going off thread here shipmates. Why does the Army look back with fondness at all the old obsolete and useless stuff (and the list is long believe me....) Well mostly because a squaddie isn't happy unless he (or she) is moaning; thus it isn't that a Millitant Mk 1 is a good truck, it is just that it provides a useful hook to hang your moan on ("not as good cross country as a milly - now there was a truck") As for the kit (and that includes SA80) that the Army is currently using, regardless of where it comes from, it's the best on the planet - end of. Other nations (inclu
  11. Hi everyone - My name is Paul and I admit that I am addicted to old vehicles (everyone clap)... Actually I have just spent the last 34 years in the army (transport, where else?) and have now set up a vintage vehicle restoration business in the NW. Very happy to be part of the MV community and am more than happy to share my experience and knowledge with anyone who will listen (especially if they are buying me beer). Oh - and check my website, www.rustytrucks.com.
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