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  1. cheers adrian barrell i didnt look properly while i was there(was down range and although flags green there was a sniper shooting off to my right as i could heer crack and thump as it passed of to my right so didnt hang about just in case ) on looking at the photo its upside down so looks a bit like the flame thrower regards mark
  2. so was up to d15a fmx range at warcop on Monday and walked up to the Churchills as part of my range recce (well that's my excuse ) I'm no Churchill expert but even i know a crocodile when i see one ill leave the identification up to you guys ive got to pop up again later this month and im using this range in sept
  3. so I was up at warcop last week doing a range recce and to my surprise one of the ranges im running had these as hard targets I of course had to check the area (well that's my excuse ) unfortunately even my landrover wasn't to happy going x country (lots of fairly deep ruts overgrown with grass )so I tried to zoom in using my phone thease are the results im more pissed that im running a range in july shooting at them the last even has a turret and what looks like a gun but maybe just a pipe shoved in there
  4. so the work continues I have freed off most catches found the axel jack and tyre iron/jack handle in the rear bin after freeing it, I managed to open the tilt windscreen after copious paint removal only to find that the bottom part is basically rust. So a new inner frame is now being sourced. I've managed to lower the whole windscreen but also need the French type pads for the windscreen wiper protector/bonnet protector. The headlights don't appear to work I've got side and the markers working but it might be just a simple idiot problem (me being said idiot LOL) as I think I need to push blackout switch to enable the lights to work, but ill check that when I get back to my dads otherwise its a new switch. (am at my house looking after my kids as ex wife had an accident after she decided she doesn't love me anymore. So I moved back to my dads ssshhhhh don't tell her I still have the jeep but a bill of sale to my dad for security as well) The next problem is the rear right light cover as its the wrong type it was held on by electrical tape. So trying to source one of those as well, however I've tried to drive her and although I don't fancy a Normandy to berlin trip a short 5 miler wasn't that uncomfortable for a 6 foot 3 guy. Now most of my repairs have come to a bit of a halt due to lack of funds (divorce etc) but really I need to rub down and spray before I get the other stuff sorted. Which leads me to the big question, now I make models so I know this is a really daft type question I intend to make my jeep British 7 BDE/DIV so what green do you guys recommend as she has 2 different types on at the moment. An unknown hand painted mid green but under that and under the bonnet for example is a darker possibly kahki green maybe the original French one. so im calling on you guys for help and advice thanks in advance . regards mark
  5. tom I served with 9/12l for 23 and a half years then 4 years QDG after amalgamation the last 2 and a half as a PSI in chester now in reserves RY home is Hereford tony b thanks for the info ref paint however not a chance am I putting up with bashing my knackerd knees lol looks like cutting is the way to go
  6. so as I said a few years ago Iwhen I first joined this forum I would buy a jeep when I got my army gratuity well in august I had a call from my dad who does the classic car shows with his audi quattro rally replica hes been canvassing a few jeep owners to see if he could find me one low and behold a number was passed and I now own this now the old boy who owned it took very good care of it but his family took his licence away at 88 I think so to maintain it he kept painting it by hand so I have a few jobs to do to remove paint on hatches latches nuts bolts and all glasswork also as im 6 foot 3 im looking at cutting the drivers seat back and angeling it ive downloaded the info or raising it up and back on raisers which is the best option the underside has been oil coverd to prevent rust and its in an amazing condition really I still haven't driven it yet as after purchasing I went on a family holiday then my dad was at the TT so still not had the pleasure as yet I would like some info on purchasing a couple of things 1 windscreen rubber protectors are they the same as the bonnet ones 2 green paint which idealy is the same as what ive got as the oldboy redid the star on the bonnet and I need to rub that down as 2 stars are present in different locations I intend to get a canvass windscreen protector most parts seem to be from jeeparts.uk just need a bit of advice really I have the star templates which I will check when I visit my dad this weekend hope to go to some shows next year many thanks in advance mark
  7. so whilst in catterick trg area I popped to Cambria lines(as its now called )spoke to a few mates and took some photos of this old girl she was there 25 years ago when I did basic trg I remember praying to the almighty tank as our troop sgts called her now I'm no cent expert but that barrel looks to me like a 17pdr which means she's really old and an early version as I said she was there 25 years ago looking scruffy then also whilst up there I came across this to the rear of new found England farm 2 chieftans 1with Chinese eyes meaning 1 rtr both mk 11 and a delapedated 432 but also present was this centurion first though the grids if anyone is interestednow as I said I'm no expert but that v shape is welded to the front of that cent glacis plate did we have swimming cents this looks like some sort of extension for a propeller like we had on cvrt meaning the final drive drove the prop while spinning the track and finaly one of the chieftans
  8. so ive moved to a new regt (ill keep my tag as 912l though as 23 years with them ) am now in sennelager upon looking about I saw these and thought you may all like to see them any questions feel free if I get the chance ill get on the ranges and see what I can find I know there's a few Saladin's and Saracens also a few pigs left over from the old Ireland trg
  9. and my regt did the demonstrating the bloke in the last pic helping the ninja (lol) onto the scimitar works for me and now owes mw a bottle of port :cool2:
  10. not any more the fally Sherman belonged to 2 rtr and left when they did
  11. um confession i own a scorpion GPMG solinoid it fell into my possesion when we were clearing our camp (harewood barracks herford in 94) and was liberated from the tech scrap bin TACK
  12. scorpions are salamanders and sparton mct are sturgeons or were up till november last year in batus as i was safty staff there last year unless after dieselisation theyve changed the name again????
  13. well for those who dont know the tank ranges at lulworth (camp and tynham ) use the sea as an impact area and ocasionaly some uxo wash up i suspect those shells were prac (concrete surounded by a thin steel shell) probably worth nothing as the concrete is the larger amount however as rusty you cant tell simple rule DONT TOUCH ive been in afv,s for 22 years now and i leave well alone and if people keep picking things up they will close worbarrow bay to the public so we will all lose out enjoy the range areas and if you see anything advise and if ignored report to lulwoth camp guardroom who will notify the correct authority
  14. we changed one in bosnia on our scimitar 06fd59 in the lad which was in our base in glamoc this was 96 i as gunner stripped the inside out then my driver who was a lot shorter than me did the nasty i sat on top making sure the fumes didnt overcome him was a three day pain in the ass job but the wagon ran smooth after (had to replace all fuel system due to some berk allowing sealent to clog it up )
  15. HI am currantly serving my 22nd year in the british army. royal armoured corps 9/12lancers i was granted a 5 year extension 6 years ago and if not redundant will serve untill 2018. Have worked on cvrt cr1 and chally 2 when based in lulworth 95 to 98 helped out at bovy tank museum most weekends. Evan gunned there sherman at a tankfest am a small arms insructer including hmg (m2 hb) and gmg when my endowment policy matures in 3 years im buying a hotchkiss 201. Wife not to upset but only cos i cant afford tanks.MARK
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