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  1. Thanks I’ll give it a try
  2. Hi I’m a newbie to motorcycles so need some help on getting the bike as it should be. I’m looking for the following: Battery box Foot rest - left side Rear brakes arm and rod? Panniers Rack toolboxes Any help or advice would be great. Thanks Andy
  3. Hi Laurence, You will need to speak to the organisers of the Overlord show. Andy
  4. DALLAS DIG OUT CANCELLED It is with regret that we have decided to cancel the popular Dallas Dig Out that was to be held on Sunday 5th of April. If you would please pass this message on to all, it would be appreciated. We hope you all keep well and safe and see you at the next Dig Out on the 5th of July. (Hopefully!) The Dallas Team.
  5. Selling Jeep Sheller steering wheel. Will be taking it to Dallas Dig Out this Sunday.
  6. It's the Dallas Dig Out this Sunday, opens 8am till 1pm. See you there?
  7. Just a reminder, Dallas Dig Out at Hermitage, Newbury this Sunday 7th April. Set up from 7am finishes at midday. Selling an original pinholed jeep petrol tank, original. Can't be bothered to fix it. Original WW2 US Jerrycan. Plus a few other items. Hope to see you there.
  8. Got a couple of pinholes in the Jeep gas tank. As its original can anyone recommend a repairer in Hampshire that could patch it?
  9. I've looked at Denix and they would be okay for filling the scabbard but close inspection is nowhere near close on an original. For the price they are good. I might just have to bite the bullet and buy one.
  10. Thompson wanted for my Harley. Let me know what you have. Andy
  11. Hi Phil, I think Dallas Autoparts at Hermitage, Newbury had an original one complete. Hope that helps. Andy.
  12. Thanks for the input, I was thinking of a three bike trailer to give more room for tie downs. I can understand a long ramp as the skid plate could ground. Not keen on tilt trailer. Andy
  13. Looking for a trailer to transport my Harley on. Any ideas what type required and do you have one for sale?
  14. Thanks Ron, If anyone would know I knew it would be you! Do you also use it in the transmission? As Harley instructs use of same oil? thanks Andy
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