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  1. Yeah I agree. To and from shows I will put the gun in the back with all the rest of my kit.. It will only be mounted on the vehicle at shows. As you said police now don't know half of what they are doing. Had one of my vehicles broken into and the police came around eventually. They were in my place and spotted some replica flint lock pistols on my wall.. Tried taking them and arresting me for owning them, even when I showed them they had solid barrels and the triggers were solid they still seemed to think they could fire a projectile!! But as you say from our point of view it
  2. Haha. Well I could make something up to do the job out of an old bit of webbing kit.
  3. This may sound strange but how can you cover just the trigger?
  4. I have now got a chain that I will cover with a tail gate or seat chain canvas cover that I can padlock to the gun and down onto the pedestal mount. Shouldn't look to bad and will be more secure than just leaving it in a storage box in the back. I have also now got a canvas cover to go over it when I am not about.
  5. Good idea but If I have my kids at the event they sleep in the back of it or if it's just me then I do, so I dont really want to loose any of the space as it is only just big enough now.
  6. Exactly.. A no win situation. If it was a lockable vehicle it would be a lot easier.
  7. Also if I take the gun off the Dodge the only secure place to leave it is to carry it around the show all day. Hence why I am looking at trying to make it secure to leave on the Dodge.
  8. I hadn't even thought about the ammo to be honest. I cant belive the jeep owner didn't say thanks for letting them know. mind you I think there are a fair few self centered people out there.
  9. hello all. on my Dodge WC51 I have a side mounted .30 cal replica. I am looking at trying to find a way of locking it onto the pedestal to stop some light fingered person having it away while parked up on display. I have now bolted my Gerry cans down due to someone trying to take one off at a show. have any of you ever secured the guns to the vehicle or do you just take a chance no one will take it?
  10. Yeah merc sprinters are a bit funny like that.. I do like the old buses from Malta.
  11. Yep I agree that a vehicle talks to you.. Most of my work is on the old air-cooled vws and that is the same.. You can hear a problem. They don't like multi grade oils though unless is is a new rebuilt engine.. Some of the engine rebuilers out there for air cooled side still even recommend using straight 30 due to the way it works.
  12. I am going to have a proper look inside the engine this winter as I don't know any history. Just want to be able to use it this year and not find something that I am not happy with internally. I do belive that everyone has their own opinion about things and I just don't like multi grade in older vehicles to be honest due to the way the oil systems work. I was more interested in making sure I was using the correct gearbox oils and swivle joint lubricants really. But thank you to all that have given advise as I do find that all opinions are worth doing more resurch into.
  13. to be honest that's why I was looking at the straight 30 as I don't know any service history on mine and I have only had it about a year.
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