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Mk1 Militant Tanker

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For the impeller shaft - if you have a good local machine shop is it worth enquiring if they can restore the corroded section of the shaft back to OE dimensions.  Maybe a coat of spray weld then truned back to OE dims???

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Rob I do know of a very good machine shop on the Gaza Estate at Weald villiage.

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Thanks guys, but have found a place up north to do a rebuild they specialise in old AEC stuff, reckon they have parts on the shelf, so it's on it's way to them

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Good weekends work in the sunshine, bit sweaty with the coverals on, though.  Finally got to the bottom of my issues with the blast skirt.  There was a tiny bit in the centre that was catching on the engine sump plug, and causing the whole thing to distort.  Trimmed it off to give a bit more clearance and every thing lines up 


One final test fit of the top half and then set about joining the bottom on.

Finished article looks like this


Considerably better than what came off


New one actually works like it is supposed to as well.  Bottom half hinges up 90° for maintenance or extra ground clearance.


Hot weather is great for painting, dries almost instantly.  Sealed inside edge with Hammerite stonechip


Ten minutes later it is dry enough to turn over and primer the outside.


Nice thick coating of hi-build stuff ready to be flatted down for the top coat once it is fitted back on.

Finally, good news about the water pump.  Last week I sent it to SP Water pumps in Warrington, Cheshire.  Their website gave it all the spiel about doing vintage stuff, and when I phoned them they reckoned they would have parts on the shelf, even for a 60 odd year old item.

Got a call back on Friday,  pump all done, they did have replacement seals etc.  Only £195 and I should have it back on Monday.  Excellent service.  They say they can also do Bedford and Austin/Morris stuff too, and sixty years old is nothing to what they can do

So the old Tanker could be up and running again by the end of the week, and I can get on with the last bit at the back of the cab


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Ten out of ten for the water pump gang, arrived this morning, as promised.


Looks like a new.  Just got to wait til the weekend to get it fitted and try it out


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