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  1. Correx sheet is typically used in the building industry for temporary protection to finished work etc. Can be bought from most good builders merchants or retrieved from skips! Think it is all class O flame retardant so handy when doing hot works.
  2. Gavin, Assume this is a Eka . I can probably help you out with scanned and e-mail sections of the relevant docs but since there is so much of it, could you narrow down the particular areas that you think you have missing pipes . Mike.
  3. Hello Clive, That's a good list of documents. If you can find them out that would be useful. No panic . There must be quite a bit of commonality with the GS with regard to engine, gearbox and probably axles so at a fall-back I could probably do with the EMERs for that. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Mike.
  4. I need the following for an AEC militant MKIII Recovery: Technical Handbook - EMER D120 Technical Description - EMER D122 Illustrated Parts List Not worried if originals or photocopies or even scanned onto a disc. Please let me know if you have any or all of these. Many Thanks.
  5. I've never managed to pull a core plug out . Usually just use a very sharp cold chisel to punch the centre and then collapse the outer flange inwards. Perversely, always found them a satisfying job to do as long as they weren't the one hidden behind a lot of other components or adjacent to a bulkhead etc.
  6. Such a shame as a very nice guy with a lot of knowledge. Roger was very helpful to me in the past and I wish I had known him earlier in life. RIP
  7. Dan, Never heard back from John1950 as to what bits he actually wanted . Are you interested in anything particular? Mike.
  8. John, Are you saying that you want all of the bits? Assume that you will want this sent. I would prefer to use UPS as they are relatively cheap and reliable. Let me know what you want and I can then get a cost for sending. Thanks Mike.
  9. Hello John, £100 for the whole 7.7 set. £15 for the timing chain £50 for the pair of 9.6 head gaskets Mike.
  10. Clearing up and have for sale, a gasket set to suit the 7.7 in Matadors and other vehicles. Also new timing chain but without link. And a pair of AEC 9.6 head gaskets.
  11. A Rolls Royce C Range workshop manual TSD publication 803 (10th issue). Covers 4, 6 and 8 cylinder versions. This is a comprehensive workshop manual, not the service manual. In good 'workshop' condition. Engines were fitted to some military Scammell Constructors and numerous other vehicles and plant. As per preface, can be used for work on the 'Eagle' range. Can post or welcome to collect.
  12. I've had a look and only have a slave cylinder. Hopefully Cosrec's advice might be of use.
  13. Thanks for providing the info. Hopefully will be a good starting point to getting a date for the original lorry. Will let you know what we decipher.
  14. Can anyone on the forum help to date a Bedford MK from its chassis number (or point me in the right direction). It has been rebuilt and no details of the Army number exist on it. Many Thanks
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