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  1. lowfat

    MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Are you still going for the Neptune's?
  2. lowfat

    Mk1 Militant Tanker

    so pleased you posted twice? lol
  3. lowfat

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    Good to see an update especially about some paid work.
  4. lowfat

    Ozzie Saladin

    Its been 5 months any news on the saladin?
  5. lowfat

    Rumour at Duxford

    could sling up a T2 removed from another airfield in no time
  6. lowfat

    Mushrooms in deisel

    its proper name is Cladosporium Resinae But diesel slime would do . https://www.bp.com/content/dam/bp-country/en_au/media/fuel-news/microbes-in-fuel.pdf Main thing is to keep water IE condensation out of your fuel tanks .
  7. lowfat

    Never give up hope of getting it started!

    nope they gas axed the barrel...8:57
  8. lowfat

    Alvis Sabre CVR(T)

  9. lowfat

    Saracen Hull Shock Coil ?

  10. lowfat

    Alvis Fox

    edit the page that is incorrect a moderator will ask you for proof when he is happy the page is changed .. easy in fact Ive done it.
  11. lowfat

    Bits from the dark box

    You know backshells and plugs are available commercially? RS and glenair have online catologues to identify parts.
  12. lowfat

    The Works - Books

    Bought Sherman,tiger and chieftain
  13. lowfat

    Stug III - Ausf D

    I heard a while ago he was thinking of selling it.
  14. lowfat

    stalwart clutch

    You have to undo the big nut 21/4 af springs to mind I bought a slogging spanner. Then rip out the seal they are generic so not difficult to get. The pinons aren’t hard to change 4 Allen bolts and some shims for the preload But are the seals hard in the new pinions?
  15. lowfat

    Wanted Militant Wiper Switch

    https://tanks-alot.co.uk Nick Mead.
  16. lowfat

    Saracen coolant pump

  17. lowfat

    Jeep guidance please

    I was looking for a jeep 5 years ago. Bought a stalwart instead.
  18. Hypoid gear oil is gearbox oil my stalwart uses EP90. However some versions attack bronze type metals make sure you select one which doesn’t.
  19. lowfat

    stalwart clutch

    change the seals in the outputs while your at it 5 minute job with it dismantled worth its weight in gold.
  20. lowfat

    30 yards Range for AFV.

    25meter for Slr and Sa80. But I was in her majesty’s Royal Air Force.
  21. lowfat

    MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Do you still have the Churchill Rick? it wasnt in the list of tanks to do!
  22. lowfat

    MK3 Covenanter restoration

  23. lowfat

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Do you have a target date for running the engine?
  24. lowfat

    Rye oils

    ive had a pallet off them for my stalwart. no complaints here
  25. lowfat

    FV part numbers rationale

    Im not a Fan Of wikipedia Usually as any idiot can edit it but in this case the wiki page seems bang on in my understanding of Nato stock numbers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NATO_Stock_Number