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  1. Auction ends tomorrow...
  2. Merlin Archive... https://www.merlinarchive.uk/vehicle/01GE74?fbclid=IwAR1n8e8HRtex6zAc6A4w0pJMWi-uWGeFn-dW-Feoy0Iqc-3jVkyKejc-QnQ
  3. Just found the link... https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1980-alvis-sultan-fv105-cvrt
  4. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10226880981710371&set=gm.2020374271455020
  5. Nice one - huge thanks! Cheers Graham
  6. Hi guys. Any help really appreciated please! Has anyone got an A-frame / Hollebones for sale, suitable for towing a 10 tonne NATO vehicle please? Huge thanks. Cheers Graham (07980 449 721)
  7. The people who kindly supplied my stock of Pat Ware’s excellent book have found another box of them, so I’m pleased to say I have another 9 copies for sale. If you’d like one please do privat message me or email me at gg@motorcycleresults.com Alternatively, you can order one through the web at www.motorcycleracer.com/PatWare The price is £69.95 plus postage (UK £3.44, Europe £9.80, Rest of World £13.90) Any questions, please do let me know. Cheers, Graham
  8. Hi guys. I’ve got some of the excellent “In Detail” books focusing on Military Land Rovers. These are photographic portrayals of various Airborne, Special Ops and Up-Armoured Military Land Rovers in current collections and each book goes in to a lot of detail. The book titles are as follows: “Airborne Landies in Detail” which is £21.00 plus postage (UK £3.78, EU: £9.80, ROW £13.90) “Special Operations Landies in Detail” which is £24.00 plus postage (UK £4.70, EU £13.43, ROW £19.18) “Up-Armoured Landies in Detail” at £19.00 plus postage (UK £3.78, EU £9.80, ROW £13.90) I’ve attached photos of the covers and some inside pages to give you a feel for what they are like. If you’d like a copy, or if you have any questions, please do private message me or email me at gg@motorcycleresults.com You can also buy them online at www.motorcycleracer.com/gifts All the best, cheers, Graham
  9. Nice one! Thank you too!
  10. This is great - thank you!
  11. Apologies - Post War Fox
  12. Hi guys - has anyone got a Turret Ring or Mantlet for a Fox for sale please? In fact, has anyone got ANY parts for a Fox please Many, many thanks! Cheers Graham
  13. Hi Adrian - agree that values are based on buyer/seller expectations and that can throw the odd swerve ball - what's a T-72 really worth for example - and how much do possible alternatives cost? But I think there are examples of pricing out there to help kick off those negotiations - so where will the smart money go? I guess some enthusiasts will give up on their hobby if there are too many barriers - but others might just push harder.
  14. Hi Terry - well, we reckon that the really good stuff - both Cold War and WWII will continue to sell for good money. The old cliche about there not being any more produced - or indeed coming on to the market - holds true and with current interest rates perhaps it's a better bet than having money sitting in a bank? If we had a few bob we'd be quite picky about where we spent it, so maybe a good Scimitar or Scorpion, but not a good Samaritan, for example. I think fashion comes into it as well, so is a Sherman a good buy, with several on the market? Maybe it's time for another tank to have its day. So if a WWII Sherman is maybe 250k would it be better to buy something around the 150k mark, which could increase in value? I bet if a good Chieftain appeared for sale for say 45-50k it wouldn't't take long to sell - or for that matter a good Centurion at say 65-70k? But if we had crystal balls...
  15. Hi guys Had an interesting conversation this weekend about current tank values and would be really interested to get your take please. So, what would be your estimate of the value of the following tanks? Chieftain Centurion T-55 Leopard Sherman Cromwell T-34 Huge tanks Cheers Graham
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