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  1. What is going on with Bovington first they ruin there own ex finish Stug 3 then are getting rid if a super restored privately owned working stug what on earth are the management thinking about ( delete the word thinking) maybe they are competing with the IWM in a race to the bottom
  2. maybe its just German armour (apart from the Tiger 1 money spinner)they dont like or care to look after,you can now count in the new jagpanther paint job in this
  3. last year i was visiting the tank museum and was amazed that the ex finish stug was a cocked up mess someone had in the past few years sort of remodeled it to look like a stug in in finish service in ww2 but in the remodel had lost all the torsion bars so they welded up the suspension and it looks like they have also lost the original roof from the fighting compartment the main gun looks strange mint condition on the outside and crap on the inside ,whoever did this job seems to have been a bit careless with this rare stug i was told last year that it was a stripped out hulk now with all the
  4. Well done you will be ready to invade Poland soon😃
  5. your jeep must have started life painted in olive drab in the US factory and probably used by the British army for a while befour painting it bronze green
  6. A real Bitsa thats a bit harsh In WW2 The Germans did use Pz IV and stug III parts to make stug IVs thats how they made Stug IVs no other way
  7. maybe the clever thing would to try a magnet on it not really that hard is it
  8. I dont think this jeep has ever seen the USA or WW2
  9. yes its quite disturbing the number of fake kubels(up to 90% new made) all with authenticated VW paperwork on milweb over the last 2 years
  10. so back to my first post what was the point of it
  11. I got a .50 from them it is the best i have seen on the market + they are great to deal with
  12. i cant see very much if any original ww2 bits in that kuble what makes you think it is original ? if i made a list of mistakes on this i would be up all night
  13. not really worth watching a repro 2010 vw kit car in a field .Also what is the point of this video it says nothing about the car and just shows 2 guys having a drive no detail,facts or history at all
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