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  1. does the sign say Royal Army Vetenary Corps... ?
  2. ashley

    German panzer badge, fake or original

    Hi Ken , sorry to say this badge is not original as per previous poster stated and it is highly unlikely to have ever been produced. cheers Ashley
  3. Hi, Have a chat with local jeep owners (MVT) go to a meeting they may know of the vehicle? cheers Ashley
  4. Hi, a picture may give more of a clue ! it could be command post as a designation of where the helmet was issued to. Do you think it is a wartime marking ?? cheers Ashley
  5. ashley

    New toy!

    Nice vehicle and less of a fuel guzzler for those arena events.... :rolleyes::rolleyes::drive:lol
  6. ashley

    2015 show - who is going this year?

    i`ll be there from the tuesday .. :-)
  7. Hi Fenwick, welcome aboard, if your at any show here in the south do pop by and say hello to any of the Dorset military enthusiast. Check out our facebook page cheers Ashley
  8. ashley

    ww2 german badges

    Hi , whats the markings /inscription on the Mutter cross please
  9. ashley

    Mercedes 540K staff car

    Hi Mellie, sorry to say that although the uniforms are the insignia are virtually impossible to recognize to determine an individual regt.etc. cheers Ashley
  10. ashley

    What do you collect?

    German Iron Crosses 1813-1957 cant afford the helmets any more ....lol
  11. ashley

    US helmets (re-enactment)

    Very pleased with this helmet and artwork :cool::cool: thanks again mate. Ashley
  12. ashley

    HMVF Photo Shoot

    yep count me in ...... Ashley
  13. ashley

    1994 50th D-Day Commemorations

    Hi all, the Scammell "snow white" and the Sexton "bodica" i belive are still present in the Hampshire area untill a few years ago and were for sale ...but as far as i knoe are with the origonal owner . cheers Ashley
  14. ashley

    Happy Christmas from the team!

    Have a safe and happy christmas one and all, hopefully we`ll meet at an event in the new year. cheers Ashley
  15. I remember falling asleep on the beach at weymouth .....blooming boiling ....wearing battledress...lol Ashley
  16. ashley

    Guy vix-ants - queens messengers

    Hi, not sure of a Soest in the Netherlands,.......deffo one in the Rhur area of Germany.....? Ashley
  17. ashley

    kubelwagen site link

    Hi all, hopefully this link will work ? http://www.kubelwagen.co.uk/ Ashley
  18. ashley

    Saturday 22nd at the Tank Museum

    I `ll be there with me mate Andy (jeep each) also other friends with jeeps and a ferret. Ashley
  19. ashley

    From deepest Dorset

    Hi stan, welcome and i am sure you will enjoy your time here. Ashley
  20. ashley

    Kubelwagen type 82

    Hi and thanks, first time i have seen one of these.. cheers Ashley
  21. ashley

    Anyone going to Bovington on 22nd Sept?

    Hi, shall be there for the saturday, but taking part in the Marie Curie on the sunday. Ashley
  22. Hi Andy, and welcome to the site. Ashley
  23. ashley

    Hello from the New Forest

    Hi Neil, and welcome to the forum as the Dorset mvt are having thier annual meet in the New Forest soon may be you should come along and meet some of us :thumbsup::drive: Ashley
  24. Hi all, will be there for the Sat . but busy on the sunday. chers Ashley
  25. ashley

    Rambo - saw this and thought of you.....

    Wonder if we`ll see these at Beltring next year...? Ashley