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  1. Jeeps are never finished but apart from a few cosmetic things this one is! After five years she had her first extended run. Made from five jeeps (all GPW) she had to have a new tub but that reflects the rough time her parent jeeps had. Her DOD is 1/7/42. She served with the British Army and was rebuilt at the end of the war. She is painted as she would have done in 1946 as if she were attached to the 2bn Royal West Kent Regiment, attached to the 17th Brigade, 5th Infantry Division, British Army of Occupation (BAOR). Data plates - GPW 44607 - 1 July 1942 Body - ACM type 1 209337 - used on ab
  2. I am about to stencil the hood numbers onto my jeep (based on a 1946 iteration). I am saying white emulsion for the paint, my son says blue paint. Which is the right one - white or blue? And if blue what shade?? Ta.
  3. Thanks. Would there be any other markings (apart from Divisional and AoS) on the jeep relevant to what I am trying to achieve? Thanks.
  4. According to the 1946 Army List the Royal West Kent was 47th in the order of precedence in the Infantry, below The Border Regiment and The Northamptonshire Regiment. So it looks like it’s a 62 on Green square.
  5. I think we are nearly there. If I am reading another source correctly as of 17th Feb 1946 the 17th Brigade consisted of three main battalions: 2nd Battalion Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment 2nd Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment 1st Battalion Border Regiment Would the 2RWK have been the senior battalion in the Brigade (which was junior of the two Brigades after the 15th?)? If so then the Arm of Service marking on my jeep would be a white 60 on a Green square? Would the Y on khaki still have been the Divisional mark on 17th Febru
  6. Thanks. We have tried to track the jeep’s history but it was sold off by the army in 1946 almost as soon as it was rebuilt.
  7. Thank you all very much. In 1946 the 5th Division consisted of the 15th and 17th Brigades but I don’t know which regiments were in them. I assume that the senior brigade would be the 15th? Nearly there.....
  8. Sorry one further question. When you say seniority in each Brigade do you mean seniority of being attached to the Brigade or do you mean seniority of the regiment in the line?
  9. Thank you very much. Do you have a date for the change in 1946 from the Y on khaki square to the Y on black circle? The 2RWK embarked for Germany on 13/12/45 so I guess either design is correct for 1946. They return to the UK on 15/11/1947. I will try to find out more about with brigade is was with in 1946. We have done a lot of research into the registration plate and have not found any evidence that it had a xx yy xx configuration. graham
  10. Thanks. The jeep was sold off from the British Army in 1946. We have stripped her right back and the body has not had any paint on it a parts from Deep Bronze Green. BJAR have said that that would be the right paint for that year. The Y is on a brown/mustard background, provided but the company making my stencils and is in line with what I have seen online. My mistake to say it was yellow as I have seen different shades of it. Some are quite dark but not black. can you give me more information about AoS square and the number please? thanks. graham
  11. Thank you. I have emailed the museum but no reply (maybe they are closed due to COVID) and I have asked on BAJR but no response.
  12. I am nearing completion on my 42 GPW rebuild. She is actually a 1945/46 British Army rebuild and I am marking her up as from that period. She is painted in Deep Bronze Green. I am now about to get her stencils done and want to mark her as being attached to the 2bn Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment from 1946 when that battalion was attacked to the 5th Infantry Division in the BOAR. Does anyone have any information or photos of what logos/stencils she would have relating to RWK? As it stands at the moment she will have her hood number (M1595360), the 5th Division white Y on
  13. Thank you Simon. I have been a member if that group for a couple of years but sadly they have not been able to provide any insight.
  14. Thanks for the add. I have a reconstructed British Army jeep, comprised of at least 5 jeeps: Data plates - GPW 44607 - 1 July 1942 Body - ACM type 1 209337 - used on about MB 286xxx to 287xxx or GPW 164xxx to 165xxx - early Dec 1943 (now a new body) Frame horn stamping - 206596 - MB about 25/1/1943 or GPW mid June 1944 Tag on top of rails frame 1595360 - 1945/6 British Army rebuild Engine - 15669 - 1980 Shovel - B-150925 - Stuart Tank Jerry can - 1986 A real mixed bag! As a 1945/46 British Army rebuild I am marking her up as from that period.
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