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  1. Hi,

          I was reading through the trailer thread and saw you have a mortar trailer 75yk77  did you ever track down its history ? and do you still have the trailer? 

    last year I collected one 75yk78 in good condition and will probably use till next winter before any restoration.



  2. I assume that everyone knows about the HUMBER-FV1600 user group on Yahoo, with around 80 members. Can be particularly useful for info / help and acquiring / disposing of all matters FV1600 across the community of Humber 1 ton owners.
  3. No problem with hijacking the thread; good to hear from another Humber owner. weneed to all keep in touch more. I'm afraid that I can't help with any of what you need: indeed I'm having to have a lot of custom made, expensive, repairs to my cab! I think that the cabs are going to be Humber owner's biggest problem, but rear GS bodies somewhat less so … there was a chap in Classic Military (back in about 2015, I think - I could look it up) who had completely rebuilt a Humber (an excellent job) and had (so the article said) had a set of CAD drawings made for the remanufacture of the GS
  4. Hi Everyone, Had this trailer for a while now but don't have any info on it or what it would have been used for. The generator is 3.5 kva, 230v, with the plate on the actual 'dynamo unit' showing manufacture by "Electro Dynamic Construction Co Ltd" The condition is almost "as disposed of" - markings on the trailer body etc. Would much appreciate any info that anyone can provide. Thanks in advance Adrian Lewis
  5. I know that it's a long time since there was anything on this post, so it just goes to show the value of info on the Forum whenever someone needs to do some research - thanks to all. Something that I've just come across in a WO publication (dated April 1956) that I have recently acquired that perhaps adds (only a very little) to Clive's post of 24 Aug 2009 … is a reference to the use of the "C" in the 'Standard bridge classification signs for vehicles', as it falls between the 1954 and 1959 dates that he makes reference to. The publication is "Road Movement 1956", The War Office, Apr
  6. Unfortunately didn't see it at the time but would be interested to see a photo of it if anyone has one as there used to be some interesting military wagons at various times. Didn't realise that Ramco still sold MoD railway stuff; does it come up very often? Adrian
  7. Thanks for the info. As they say every little helps … although there is still a lot of mist surrounding the overall picture. How much it mist it removes I don't know, but from the book 'In National Service' there were 308 B60 Mk 5G's made for the Vernon generating set and 105 B81 Mk 5G's made for the Vernon 50kVa generator set [and/or] Petbow generator set. However no FV Nos are quoted so they may possibly not have been for the military. Adrian Lewis
  8. Is there anyone who knows anything at all about the Vernon generator set that was apparently powered by the RR B60 Mk 5G or 5G/1 engine and / or the differences of the Mk 5G or 5G/1 from the more common Mk 5A engine. I'm asking because search as I might I can't find out anything apart from the Vernon generator being powered by the Mk5 or 5/1 engine. I don't even know if it was military. Thanks for any replies in advance. Adrian
  9. My Humber is missing both hatches (all 4 pieces). The better condition the better, but any condition that can be used as the basis for re-manufacture / restoration considered. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers, Adrian
  10. Hi Clive, I've had a go at joining the group and had a bit of a look around, but I'm not at all up to speed on how groups such as this work, but will have another look another day. Cheers Adrian
  11. Hi, Not got a 'manual', but I do have photo copies (text is generally fine, but some images not all that good) of the following publications for thr trailer that you have: Illustrated Spare Parts List-W.O. Code No 13173 19th Dec 1960 - only 9 pages inc the cover - listing is only 2 pages, with 4 photos Technical handbook-Data Summary - Oct 63 - only 3 pages Technical handbook-Operators Instructions - Nov 63 - 11 pages Technical handbook-Technical description - Feb 64 - 6 pages Let me know if they may be of some help; I maybe able to sca
  12. Hi Andrew, Can't really help you with your specific idea of changing the charging system and not really sure why you would want to do it; I've no experience of any problem with the champ / Humber / Martian charging systems. I' m also trying to get my Humber restored and have a few odd parts, but I do also have a few 2 speed gen panels. Out of the country at the mo in Poland for a family wedding, so not able to do long emails, but send me a reply and I'll pick it up when I get back. Cheers Adrian
  13. Thanks for the reply, since when I've remembered that I had some photos from way back before the restoration, so here they are: To my untrained eye my trailer and from the photos in Sean's post #77, they do look to be the same. Hope that this helps someone throw some more light on the subject. Cheers Adrian
  14. Hi to all who've either posted or read this thread, Having read the whole of this thread over the last week, quite some endurance feat in itself, I've decided to take the plunge and join in, no less because I have 'one of these trailers' and didn't know that much about it, but hope that my small contribution may be of interest to someone. Even though there is a vast amount of info on the thread, I'm still not 100% convinced that I know exactly which trailer I have, but I do know that its number (MoS 75 YK 77, Chassis 7569) is very close to the one on the thread in post #77. Hopefu
  15. Thanks for the prompt reply, and yes I'm a long standing MVT member so I'll take up your advice. Kiind regards
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