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  1. Runflat thanks I'm trawling through now, looks daunting !!!!
  2. Super6 thanks for that link. A lot of the photographs have IWM credit. Can I view the images online on the IWM web? Pete
  3. Ashley / Richard Thanks for your response . FANY is "First Aid Nursing Yeomanry" and not "female" it was formed before the 1st world war by a general who saw the need for first aid on the battle field, ironically the first detachment of FANY were not used by the British as they believed that the front was for men only so they drove soup and tea wagons initially. Initially the ladies were well to do and even supplied the ambulances them selves. They were seen as amateurs by the Army Nursing Core as the only had the very basic first aid. They worked closely with the BRCS but they were fearlessly independant. The vehicle was photographed in the winter of 1918/9 The FANY badge for WW1 is distinguished by not having transport on it that was added in 1926 I think. Pete
  4. Runflat This almost certainly taken in Boulogne France or near there she was part of the BRCS VAD Boulogne convoy evacuating wound soldiers during that winter of 1918/19. I don't have any other views. I think I'm lucky to have these photos and the one showing the vehicle was taken from a coaster the family had made for the niece of the lady on the ambulance on her 90th birthday.
  5. I'm new to this forum and do you think I have posted this request in the wrong area? I see there is a pre ww2 vehicles section, would I have been better posting there? Pete
  6. Hi Thanks for letting me join. My name is Pete and I'm more of a watch man than vehicles now although I've been in the motor trade since 1964. I would like to post a photograph that shows some members of FANY in the winter of 1918-19 with their ambulance with some hope of identifying it. Its not a good photograph as its taken from a coaster . I have been promised a better scan but Ill have to wait. The story started as I say with an interesting watch with an inscription, I managed to find a living relative and hence the photograph, there were 4 sisters 3 old enough to serve with the BRCS VAD units, one a nurse in Manchester and the other two as BRCS attached to the FANY units in 1918. If I've posted in the wrong place I apologies ?
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