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  1. Does anyone have a photo of the propper inlet please? I found this but would a ql one be diffrent? Cheers.
  2. I see. What type of carb should be fitted? Thank you
  3. Hello all! Bit of advice needed please, i have a bedford here and have realised the air intake is off an old land rover and am now unsure if the carb is the correct one? If not can i get one? Also can anyone point me in the direction of the correct air filter parts? Any help appreciated 🙂
  4. There she is! Kirsten so the name states on the bonnet! Not running on 6 at the moment so slowly ruling things out
  5. Hello, having recently purchased a 1941 mwd bedford i have been playing about and have decided to service the Ignition system and have a few questions. What spark plugs do these use as the manual says ac K9V ( is there a modern equivalent?) And the second question is there a electronic ignition kit out there to suit the distributor? Any help would be great thanks again guys 👍🏻🙂
  6. Thanks for the feed back, i think its best of both worlds really small enough to keep on the drive and the looks of a bigger oy 🙂 got a few jobs to tinker with first then ill get it out on the road
  7. Well it arrived! Bit of A culture shock trying to move it on the drive!
  8. Hmm ok! Well i dont plan on changing it back to how it was built anytime soon. Ill have to look in to it more when i get it deliverd tomorrow. All very interesting though. Would it have been a possibility that the army have changed the cab to this type? I feel it would be less drafty haha
  9. Hello, thanks for that, still a little puzzled why the top of the card says closed cab in brackets. The bedford i have bought has had the cab changed at some stage in its life to cab like the oy type
  10. Can any one tell me what this actually means please the one with the reg plate 25ra37 its the 6th from the bottom.thanks again
  11. Ahh really! I will have a look for the other plates as i dont get the vehicle until tuesday. Thank you very much though for the info so far! 👍🏻
  12. Ahh right i thought bov might have stooD for bovington, thank you this is getting interesting 🤓
  13. Thank you for the replys! I think this is what you need ... please let me know if you need a y other numbers
  14. Hello, i have recently purchased a 1942 bedford mwd and would like to try find out some history of the vehicle. The vehicles registration is 25 ra 37 i have no idea if this helps. Even understanding the number plate would help! Thanks. neil
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