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  1. Not too much progress but all brake lines and cylinders taken off (every one undone) and swapping the rear winch rollers over off my spare chassis. Plan is to get it stripped down ready for sandblasting . TC
  2. It worked for The Showman Presland & Sons after demob. todays task was lifting the body off, Mudguards are still relatively intact for a pattern and the body floor is mainly good still, just sides need new timber. TC
  3. Thank you David, wood works not my strongest point but I like a challenge. TC
  4. Clutch nearly working so managed to pull a gear and go for a spin, first time its moved under its own steam in a fair while. 81B60A65-2D64-4B61-9CD4-7C9B4E6E3AFA.MP4
  5. Here are a few updates of my 1943 AEC Matador ongoing project, it’s been a long while since I did anything to it, too many hobbies/other projects. But this week was a big mile stone as I finally got her running after 40+ years sitting in a field. Next challenge is freeing off the clutch TC 0447BE7D-CC8C-418E-B81B-B697F4FE9EF4.MOV
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