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  1. This one as well.. thanks Alfie
  2. Hi Lex, do you know the name of the person riding the welbike by any chance? cheers Alfie
  3. Yes, I agree with you both. Now the decision to either cut it off and make it correct, or leave it as it’s part of its history. During the war they would’ve most likely thrown it away and found another bike! Cheers Alfie
  4. Hello, that is what I thought too. I was thinking it could possibly be wartime because I think there’s brown paint on it! But I agree, most likely post war. It’s nice that you still have the consort. Hopefully you’ll keep it for many more years! cheers Alfie
  5. Hello Im a bit confused about my welbike. The original handlebars has had the bit for the clutch, and for the throttle cut off. You can still see the weld marks from where they were. I was thinking about it and could the person who owned this welbike used normal motorcycle grips and levers? It was last used in the 40s/50s. The rear wheel brake assembly has also been modified for a cable instead of the normal brake rod. What’s everyone’s thoughts? Im thinking about cutting the brake parts off and making it correct, then welding the bits back on the handlebars but it seems
  6. Hello Jenkinov, I will go have a look at the article! I also like to leave my things as original as can be. This welbike will be staying exactly how it is. The plan is to just get her running once I find some original welbike parts like the front wheel, forks etc. I think I will leave the flaky paint how it is for now. I’m only going to be taking it to shows and doing the odd ride, other than that it will sit in my room with my other airborne items! If the paint on the carburettor starts flaking off badly, I’ll then decide but I have no need to rust proof it so it should be fine. The
  7. Hello, I have a welbike which has all the original paint still on it. It’s not really flaking off anywhere else but the carb is. Should I spray some clear paint over the carb to try and preserve it or will that react badly with the paint? Also, it might not stick resulting in more coming off. any help appreciated! cheers Alfie
  8. Ah okay, didn’t know that! Trying to free up the steering my stem swivel thing at the moment as it’s locked. Also, I forgot to add the engine number, only 41 out! It will be, hopefully we will find some more bits where this was found. I think he might’ve. I think I asked via FB but can’t remember. Always room in our house! cheers Alfie
  9. Hello Lex, it is definitely a MK 1. Frame number is 1170 so towards the end of the first contract. It does have the little oil V on the steering column. Sadly I don’t have the fuel tanks yet! The bike is green and brown all over. Also, I might’ve confused people by saying ‘complete barn find’. I meant a genuine barn find but not complete! cheers Alfie
  10. Hello, I have recently bought a 1942 welbike and would like some advice. It is a complete barn find and had not seen the light of day since the 1940/50s. There are parts missing which we hope to find amongst the other things this person has. My question for now: The bike has been painted twice, once green and then brown. Both colours seem wartime. It’s easiest to be seen on the bars, pictured below. Could of this been used for an operation and once completed, repainted brown and re-used? Also, I’m not going to repaint it. I’m leaving it how it is. All the best, Alfie
  11. Hello Ashley, yes! I bought the tractor a few years ago, then the DKW last year and I collect british airborne Militaria mainly so I bought the welbike. heres the DKW: the whole front end, along with some other parts are yellow under the black which is completely different to the normal tan. I’ve only seen this shade on afrika korps vehicles!
  12. Hello! my dad is also on this website and said I should join, My name is Alfie and I’m 19. I have a 1938 ex-afrika korps (I believe) DKW RT100, a 1950 TED Ex-military Fergie and have recently bought a 1942 mk1 welbike.
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