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Woodvale Rally 1st and 2nd August 2009

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Would never go there again after the shambles a few years ago, trapped in a queue for over 2 hours as the council stewards made a complete b---s up.

The police had to be brought in mob handed as violence was starting to break out, I assume that's why the military side has gone right down. We also had problems with kids on the vehicles and their parents encouraging them, when politely asked to remove their offspring the reaction was abuse and threats.

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cheers mate , glad im not going ............................


I know, we had a genuine WW2 era stars and stripes flag stolen from our Willy jeep about 10 years ago...


Just gonna kep everything locked and in view. :cry:

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Anyone going? As usual I'll be taking my RAF Austin K9 down, so come over and say Hi! :-D




See you there!!!

have been asked by the organisers to do the commentry on the cavalcade of military vehicles, so will see you all I hope!!

Agreed about the issues at previous shows there used to bea nightmare with my CS8!! (no doors= no door locks!!)

New organisers this year for the military vehicles who tell me there are 87 vehicles booked in (if they all turn up it should be a good show)

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I'll be there as the Huey will once again putting in an appearance. Missed last year due to a technical problem. In past though it has been a good show. Only one incident that is worth telling. The first year we went there were no locks on the Huey, so my son volunteered to sleep in the machine. In the we small hours he was woken by someone opening the pilots door. It surprised my son somewhat but not half as much as the guy trying to climb in when he heard the helicopter ask him what he thought he was doing!!

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So thats a Huey, a Land Rover (mine) and a couple of K9's going. Anybody else on here entered?

As I said earlier I've been volunteered for the commentary and an early indication of what might be there might give me time to do a bit of research!!! :coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee:


According to the pre event literature there is a Chaffee and AMX13, Dingo, Bren Carrier,Diamond T.........

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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