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  1. These are higher resolution versions of the ML next to the Auster at Jeep n Cheerful in 2007.
  2. There are several things not right with the bike. As has been said the handlebars are postwar, engine not correct but not insurmountable. Ian you frame number almost looks like they have stamped the eights upside down, which at the time they wouldn't worry about that. According to records I have it was a 1943 machine. My own bike is a 1944 machine.
  3. The Munga looked good last night on the road. I sussed it would be you as I'm not aware of any others in the area. H1HU
  4. Well last night (Tuesday 17th) a Munga and Jeep heading towards St Annes on the B5261 Queensway around 19.17. I flashed my headlights and waved whilst travelling in the opposite direction in my Rescue Green JK Wrangler, both drivers returned the recognition enthusiastically. Was that you by any chance Willyslancs?
  5. My jeep a 42 Willys has the post war number of 46 YH 04. You might be interested in seeing what you get on a key card if you are fortunate enough for the one for your jeep surviving. On my Key card as you can see are the chassis number, M series number, where and when it was disposed of and the contract number is was supplied under. Basically that's your lot, no other history available. Incidently the two letters in the middle referred to the state of the vehicle and type when transferred over to the new numbering system. YH indicated vehicle transferred over straight away with out the
  6. Sorry forgot to ask. On my travels back into Manchester around 1pm (yesterday thursday the 3rd) I saw a Russian tracked APC with small turret on top on a low loader coming off the M60 and heading west on the M62. Then around 2pm a WW2 Jeep with wire cutter on a trailer heading south on the M61. Anyone lay claim to them? H1HU
  7. Your ears did not deceive you. I was in the main arena outside as I had had a word with Phil beforehand to arrange a fly by, but as they were running late, and not having spotted the showground until after they were south of it they continued south. Perhaps another time. H1HU
  8. That will have been Huey 509. She was being repositioned from Wesham in Lancashire down to Redhill, via Coventry Airport to refuel, for the annual inspection. They were running rather behind schedule but it was a good flight. Hopefully work will be carried out reasonably quickly so we can get her back and start to sort things out for the coming season. H1HU
  9. LR FC101 heading north on the M61 just passing the services around 11.15am. Any takers? H1HU
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