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  1. These are higher resolution versions of the ML next to the Auster at Jeep n Cheerful in 2007.
  2. There are several things not right with the bike. As has been said the handlebars are postwar, engine not correct but not insurmountable. Ian you frame number almost looks like they have stamped the eights upside down, which at the time they wouldn't worry about that. According to records I have it was a 1943 machine. My own bike is a 1944 machine.
  3. The Munga looked good last night on the road. I sussed it would be you as I'm not aware of any others in the area. H1HU
  4. Well last night (Tuesday 17th) a Munga and Jeep heading towards St Annes on the B5261 Queensway around 19.17. I flashed my headlights and waved whilst travelling in the opposite direction in my Rescue Green JK Wrangler, both drivers returned the recognition enthusiastically. Was that you by any chance Willyslancs?
  5. Studying the pictures and the satelite image it is possible to work out just exactly where LCT 7074 is. She has been moved to the northern side of the the pier/pontoon which is why I couldn't work out the relationship to Mersey Ferries. H1HU
  6. I came across these two photos on MLU forum. Not sure exactly when these were taken but they look as though they were not taken at the same time due to the amount of water in the cargo area in both pictures. Top of the ramp in photo one proud of the water, in photo 2 level with the water. The pictures were posted in 2011. Unfotunately photo two seems to show her settled completely on the bottom of the dock. In photo one interestingly she is stern down which gives the impression that the flooding had occured in the stern and not the cargo deck, as it is not totally flooded in picture one. There
  7. I was on board HMS Plymouth the other week to help recover the Wasp helicopter from her hangar. Such a sad sight to see such a vessel in such a poor shape. Shame the current owners couldn't find her a decent home at their big prestigious development in Salford Quays alongside the Imperial War Museum North. Sad to see another piece of our history lost for good, when she is taken to Turkey for scrapping.
  8. The book to which Ferretfixer refers is the 'The Forgotten Dead' by Ken Small. A fascinating book that tells the story of Operation Tiger, the D-Day rehearsals that took place on Slapton Sands, and the determination of one man to recover a DD Sherman tank that sank during Op Tiger and set it up as a memorial to those that died during the training. For many years Ken could be found at the tank selling copies of his book and talking to visitors. Sadly Ken died a few years ago but his book is still available. I was really pleased to find a signed copy of his book in a secondhand book shop in
  9. My jeep a 42 Willys has the post war number of 46 YH 04. You might be interested in seeing what you get on a key card if you are fortunate enough for the one for your jeep surviving. On my Key card as you can see are the chassis number, M series number, where and when it was disposed of and the contract number is was supplied under. Basically that's your lot, no other history available. Incidently the two letters in the middle referred to the state of the vehicle and type when transferred over to the new numbering system. YH indicated vehicle transferred over straight away with out the
  10. Stumbled across this. http://www.leylandguardian.co.uk/community/lasting_tribute_to_workers_unveiled_1_3181231 According to one forum there was a large area in the town where tanks were kept prior to scrapping. They were so tightly packed that you couldn't walk between them. H1HU
  11. Sorting the garage out this morning I found the tin of paint I painted the ML with. It is Dark Camouflage Brown BS 381C. Hope this helps. H1HU
  12. Sorry forgot to ask. On my travels back into Manchester around 1pm (yesterday thursday the 3rd) I saw a Russian tracked APC with small turret on top on a low loader coming off the M60 and heading west on the M62. Then around 2pm a WW2 Jeep with wire cutter on a trailer heading south on the M61. Anyone lay claim to them? H1HU
  13. Your ears did not deceive you. I was in the main arena outside as I had had a word with Phil beforehand to arrange a fly by, but as they were running late, and not having spotted the showground until after they were south of it they continued south. Perhaps another time. H1HU
  14. When I first got my ML I started to make enquiries with the military and got very little info from them. It would seem many went through Childwell and then on to the units allocated with them. From what I can gather very few if any ended up with the Airborne units as they were deemed too heavy and with no drop container/cage they were not taken up, unlike the Flea and Welbike. The more rugged ML was taken on by the Commandos. There seem to be very few pictures of the ML in active service. The Most common picture is of the Commandos stood by a jeep in Normandy with an ML lying on the bonnet wit
  15. That will have been Huey 509. She was being repositioned from Wesham in Lancashire down to Redhill, via Coventry Airport to refuel, for the annual inspection. They were running rather behind schedule but it was a good flight. Hopefully work will be carried out reasonably quickly so we can get her back and start to sort things out for the coming season. H1HU
  16. H1HU


    Snow in the Ribble valley. Our family collection of Jeeps. H1HU
  17. H1HU

    P47 WW2 footage

    I was pointed in the direction of this short film http://cpw.mail.aol.com/32843-111/talktalk-5/en-gb/mail/get-attachment.aspx?uid=1259953913.2853&folder=Inbox&partId=4&saveAs=P-47satWar.WMV well worth a look. H1HU
  18. It certainly has civilian mudguards (though some of James' own pictures show the military ML fitted with the longer mudguards). Non folding civilian footrests are fitted. It looks like a civilian stand aswell. You're right in saying the military bike wasn't fitted with a speedo. It is fitted with a civilian headlamp unit as the light switch on the military lamp sits much lower beneath the apeture that would have housed the ameter. The other instantly noticeable thing is it has a standard petrol cap and not a 'nipple' cap of the military bikes. On the military side of things it has the mili
  19. I thought you might be interested in some research my son has been doing about a Canadian airman of WW2. Bradley bought some WW2 Irvin flying trousers. When they arrived there was a note that they had been used by a caretaker at a girls school in Yorkshire after the war. He rode his motorbike in them. Written on one of the suspenders was the name MS Humphrey. Immediately Brad started to search to see if he could find anything out about Humphrey, but frustratingly his searches proved fruitless. He continued to persist over a two year period and in dribs and drabs he began to find little sn
  20. Funny I've been studying the site as we fly in to Stanley Park this Friday with the Huey for the Youth Mega week. The aerial photo on Google clearly shows the layout but little or no evidence of outlying buildings or layout of the rest of the site. I can't find our copy of the Lancashire airfields of WW2 to work out where everything else was. H1HU
  21. When I bought my boxes of bits (ML) it came with a colour swatch and the description was Dark Camo Brown. I went to Car and Commercial in Blackburn and it was listed on their colour charts so they mixed it there and then for me. However this link might be usefull http://www.stephen.hull.btinternet.co.uk/bs381c.html H1HU
  22. A really enjoyable flight from Carlisle to Preston a couple of weeks ago getting the feel of flying this wonderfull helicopter from the right hand seat for the first time. I look a little serious in one of the pictures, but there is rather alot to think about!! H1HU
  23. OK three pages from the ML parts manual. Non folding footrests with the rubber boots for post WW2 ML's. The shaped tool box as opposed to the cylindrical one. And the foot rest should have the 'T' feet as opposed to the 'L' shaped feet. Hope these help in your quest. Plus a phot of mine at at VE Day do this year. H1HU
  24. If my memory serves me correctly there was talk somewhere on the forum about an airman's grave in St Mary's graveyard in Mellor. One of the members on here visited to the grave. Just wondering if you lid a wreath at the village memorial earlier this year? I ask as it has the village wondering. Have you the answer to this mystery? H1HU (resident of Mellor)
  25. This link was sent to me by a former crew chief from the 129th AHC and the Ghostriders. Amazing statistics reveal that Vietnam Vets are dying at the rate of 390 per day and that by 2015, there may be none left alive. http://www.youtube.com/user/BeforeTheyGo
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