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Post War Middle East

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Evening all


About time I posted this, otherwise it'll be next year before I know it.


Whilst looking at the vehicles at the 2009 Elvington do, I thought there was potential for a Middle East kind of diorama/display/re-enactment/living history sort of thing. Whatever it turns out to be could well hinge on whoever is interested and how well attended it is.


I'm not really into the re-enactment and living history but I think that something like a Saladin, Bedford RL, Ferret, Champ, Series I and II and Pink Panther portrayed at jaunty angles on a scrim net sandpit could be interesting, especially if assisted by re-enactors in contemporary clothing.


Dates, clothing, weapons and details all up for discussion, probably down to who has what and take it from there. Aden, Crater, Oman, any others?

It's just an idle thought that needed to be held up for consideration. I'm up for supporting it with toys and logistics, anyone else want to play? The Beverley would have been ideal to work around.


All the best

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