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'Wartime in the Vale' - Ashdown WW2 Camp, Evesham

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This is what we should be reading in the press. But don't wait up....

A colleague is right to say that inaccurate bad publicity is not good. It sends a bat up the H & S nightdress and impacts elsewhere. But the important thing is the person involved. This is what the press usually totally overlooks. Get well Jim. God bless. MB


Yes it was an unfortunate accident. Jim did suffer a hand injury and our thoughts are with him and his family as it was a shock for us all. He was due to have an operation on his hand Sunday night but there were more urgent cases & so re-scheduled for tonight (Mon) so I'll should know more tomorrow.


I can confirm that Jim, an ex-officer is a qualified Pyrotechnic and experienced.


The emergency services were excellent, firstly another re-enactor an army medic helped him, followed by the Red Cross in just a few seconds as they were parked at the bottom of the arena, then the Ambulance and it just so happended that the Air Ambulance had been attending another incident nearby, so it made it look a bigger accident that it was.


Jim was his usual self cracking jokes, and asking for a roll-up while the oxygen mask was on!


As Bubba says, a load of cr*p, "5ft"!!! nor was it a grenade as reported elsewhere.

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Jim is a real asset to our club and the MV movement as whole. He's always so jolly, enthusiastic and very entertaining.


Here's a list of some some of his toys:


Bedford QLB Recovery (just restored)


GMC WCKKC353 (just returned from Normandy towing Dingo)

German bike combo

Iraqi SA60 Anti-aircraft gun

Kraz tank transporter & trailer

Praga M63 with twin 30mm


Uaz Jeeps

Zil 131 with Bofors gun

and can't remember the rest...

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Hi to all ,

as I plod through my keyboard one-handed I can't help being embarrassed

by all the nice things being said about me :embarrassed::blush:! Thank you all for your good wishes. More to the point THANKS to ALL who mannaged to move themselves to Evesham for our first show. There are those of us who would love it to become an annual event :coffee:! AND there are those who made this show happen who need a holiday to get over the desperately hard work they've put in over the last few months. Shows don't just happen on their own . Soooooo watch this space. I look forward to meeting up with friends old and new . Thanks again.


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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)

Yes well done,thanks for helping to make a great wk end,long way for us and lots of disasters on the way but well worth it.The new kemble i think watch this place,Come on MVT lets get off that windy boring airfield.CW.

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