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please allow me to do some advertising for the just published book of Jonathan Pittaway. He is helping me a lot with the project "Incident at Jebel Sherif"....


Cheers, Kuno





LRDG Rhodesia


The second issue of this book by Jonathan Pittaway is actually a completely new book. The content in very brief words is this:


1. over 1000 previously unpublished pics

2. maps, documents, badges, militaria, medals etc

3. 468 action packed full colour gloss pages.

4. all Rhodesian LRDG medal citations

5. full Rhodesian Rolls, Roll of Honour, Awards, Nominal Roll etc.

6. most stories by veterans and serving LRDG patrolmen


My copy is on the way. Yours can be ordered here:





(I will post more as soon as the book has arrived, respectively as soon as I am back to Europe to pick it up… may take a wile…)

LRDG Rhodesia.jpg

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Rick; the book was under process for quite a long time - it is most probably always the case that just when you think to close the research, soething additional pops up. So actually the setup was fixed long before I had the trip with the TV crew (and I was really not the "star" there, this was not the idea at all). However; I had the chance to contribute a small epilogue to Jonathan's book - it was about the one and only clash between the LRDG and the German "Sonderkommando Dora". Else I am curious about the content as you... I have not yet seen it :-)

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That's correct; in May 2008 we were with a TV crew to search the traces of the LRDG in the South; in particular in relation to the Incident at Jebel Sherif. This was together with Brendan O'Carroll and Roberto Chiarvetto (who are both together with me in the final stages of a book to the same subject ;-)).

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