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Jeeps & Jets - N.E. Aircraft Museum

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Bodge & I spent the weekend at the North East Aircraft Museum for the annual Jeeps & Jets event. The weekend started on Friday morning, with Bodge's three hours trip from Kendal to Washington. At about mid afternoon, when expecting him within minutes, I got the expected phone call, "I'm lost!", so had to go and retrieve him. To be fair, I couldn't find him when going over to Kendal to work on the truck!


I didn't let him rest for long, since he'd been dragging his heals and still hadn't finished the truck, so out came the paint and stencils to finish the front bumper markings. After that, there was a small weld to do on the tailgate where the chains hook on. After a bite to eat, we trundled down to the museum to take a look at what was going on, and who was setting up.


To start with, here's a few pics of the stenciling, before the white bumper tips were added.




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The Jeeps & Jets event is only the second time we've had our 'Century Bombers' display together, the first being at Elvington in May. This time, the display was larger, not only including Bodge's reworked Dodge, my Jeep and trailer, but also my B-17. It must have taken a good couple of hours to set everything up, but we were pleased with the result.


Here's a few pictures from our display, starting with the Flying Control Dodge.





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Next, some of my Jeep, and its first time out with the new checkered summer top. Some recent pictures found of other original F/C Jeeps, have given me some ideas of what to add next, but I also saw another original Jeep like mine with just the roof canvas checkered.


Anyway, here's the Jeep pics.






The Aircraft Museum also loaned us a crash recovered 50 Cal, belonging to a Mustang, that crashed into a peat bog. The gun was recovered from 20 feet down, and is still in pretty good condition considering, with many parts still free to move.



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Re the camera, someone on the aircraft forum is going to check some info and get back to me. Hopefully he might know something. For those wondering what we are talking about, see the thread on the Key Publishing Aviation forum for pictures of the mystery camera. ( http://forum.keypublishing.co.uk/showthread.php?p=1287011#post1287011 ).


Here's a few of the other vehicles on show....


A pair of Dodges




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